Saturday, January 24, 2015

Teacher Card- Free File

Hi everyone!

I made a file in Design Space and am Sharing it with EVERYONE! I always share all my Design Space files with everyone who supports me on  I created this file because someone asked for an SVG of something similar, but my responce was you could make that in Design Space real easy, so i did. 

  You can change this card to be anything occasion you like.

I first shared this in the Cricut Design Space Group on Facebook a few days ago before I even cut it out.  This is what the file looks like.
I created a video to show how to change the file to make it your own in Design Space, so I cover a lot of different features in Design Space.

I asked people if they made it would the share pictures of them with me to show in a video, and the all agreed.

And then in the video you see me putting together my card and how you fold it to make it an easel card, I put score lines on the card in Design Space so it you have a score tool it will score it for you. I created the easel card out of free images but the font might not be free.  If you are charged for the font you can dettach and delete it and add your own, I do show in video how to do it yourself.

Here is Crickey showing off my card standing up, make sure you check out the other cards in the video, I think they did an awesome job.

Here is the video!

Here is the FREE Design Space File