Sunday, September 7, 2014

Cricut Explore Winner Announced

Hi Everyone!
 I wanted to share the Cricut Design Space Facebook group has given away 2 Cricut Explores. We gave 1 away when we reached 8000 and 1 at 10,000! I love this group as we are here to help and answer any question on the Explore, people learn so much and are able to then help the newbies, people share files and projects everyday. Looking through the photos is kind of like Pinterest just for the Cricut. Looking for a sale? It's always listed there as soon as something goes on sale, one person gets a deal and shares with the group. It is very happy, helping, positive and enabling community.

Watch the video, it is so cute, the admins of the group put this together and I edited it and announced the winner, I laughed as I put everyones video parts together. 
There is a special 50% Cricut supplies code members of this group only. 
It is good until Wednesday September 10, 2014 

Ashish Arora the CEO of Provo Craft, the company that makes Cricut Products, is also a member of the group. This is an email Dewana the creator of this group received the night we got our 10,000 member.

Ashish Arora
To Dewana
September 4th 2014 10:04 PM
Congrats again for another HUGE milestone – 10,000 members !!!!
As you said in your video, you and your team Melody Lane, Rose Andrews, Tabitha Carroll and Vonda have created such an amazing environment for sharing, learning and growing. My team and I are constantly learning from everyone in the Cricut Design Space group. Most of all, you have created a positive environment – it is great to see people helping each other, sharing their creativity and inspiring each other. THANK YOU. The Cricut team is working hard to continue to delight all of you with amazing products and experiences. Most of all, I encourage you to call our amazing customer service team. They are always here to help you with problems you may face or questions you may have.
My HUGE thanks to the group admins for helping you in making this possible.
Best Wishes 
ashish and your entire Cricut team.