Saturday, August 9, 2014

Subway art Tissue Box

Hi Everyone!

I have done tissue box covers in the past in Cricut Craft Room. I do have the file for CCR here on my blog, go here to see my past tissue box covers on this blog.
I am so excited about this on in Cricut Design Space because the Cricut Explore will cut the straight lines needed and score it for you, and write on it with different colored pens all you have to do is put it together.

Not only does it write the words but you can have it write images. You can see the Peace sign and the Cricut head on the other side. 

I only did Subway Art on 2 sides and the other two sides I embossed.

I do share the basic Design Space file for a tissue box cover and and the Subway Art file to my Patreons as always. To become a Patron of mine click the Become Patron button below.

Watch the video below to see how to make your own Subway Art in Design Space.

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New Cricut Cartridge is coming soon!

New Cricut Cartridge is coming soon!

If you don't have a Cricut Explore yet get it here, The Price has dropped!