Saturday, August 2, 2014

My New Car with Cricut

Hi Everyone! 

Did I get your attention? 

Meet Daphne, my new car. I named her after Daphne from Scooby Doo she wore a dress in the same color.

No, Cricut did not give it to me. but I did add the Cricut bug to the front and back. I love being able to see it when I drive. I also love my As Seen On YouTube decal and the Butterflies I made with Cricut vinyl. I am sharing some of my vlog videos with you of me car. 

The last video I add bling on a roll to the dash board of the car. I love it! Looks like it came all blinged out. 

 Want to see vlog videos almost live, I am taking a road trip this Thursday and will be uploading small videos during my trip, unedited straight from my phone. 

To see those videos subscribe to me on my Vlogging Youtube channel. 

Test Drive 

Here is the video with the 2 layer vinyl Decal watch me layer it and put on car.

Video showing everything else. Her first bath, inside of car putting bling on a roll on it. 

Here is how the 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage looks on their website in Passion Purple the one I bought.

I think they "photo shopped" the pic a bit, lol.

Here is my car.

I am planning many road trips!  If you ever see my car, yes this one, it is one of a kind. I would love for you to take a picture of it and tag me in it on Instagram, Twitter, Google+ or Facebook 
I use the name Melodylane815 on all of those. Click the images below to see my profiles.

I am now a Close To My Heart Consultant. 
New Cricut Cartridge is coming soon!

New Cricut Cartridge is coming soon!