Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Create Banner Winners Announced

 I want to Thank all of my Youtube Subscribers I now Have 5200 Thank you to everyone who watches and likes and comments, and even to those that can't. A Huge Thank You to those of you who were able to enter my 5000 Subscriber Challenge. I had 55 banner entries, you can see them all in the 8 videos below.

It was like Christmas every day getting such wonderful things from such wonderful people I could not ask for a better and more talented group of crafters. I loved getting the entries from all the young crafters, they were wonderful.
 Here are the winners
"C" Kathy Goski
"R" Michelle Cruz Chellsunflwr
"E" Scrapnsherry
"A" Laura Steinart
"T" Lori Ortiz
"E" Kimbo Kreations 

There is a video announcing the winners and then a list of video of all entries as I get them. 

First video of entries
2nd video
3rd video
4th video
5th video
6th video

7th video

8th Final video