Friday, June 14, 2013

Warning-Too funny

Hi Everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting as much but I have been really busy. I have lots of videos to edit and at work we have too much fun so we have decided to make a youtube channel for the salon. I will share once we have the first video up that they are waiting for me to edit. 

Ok on to todays post. My 7 year old niece Maddie wanted to come over on Sunday to make something in my craft room. She ended up staying the night because there was so much more she wanted to do. Here is one of the projects.  

Decorated 3D glasses, I have done my own a while back, I will post the link to that post at the bottom if you missed it. Here is the cut file with both glasses in it. I used Masks-Earthy Elements CCR exclusive and Suburbia Cricut cartridges. I used Suburbia just to make the holes fit the 3D glasses. Maddie chose everything, white glitter paper, tie dye paper, and the cuttlebug folder by Anna Griffin but I don't remember which one. she picked the pink zebra and regular zebra for the rhinestones and put them on herself.

 The video below is a MUST Watch! But please use the restroom before you watch and no drinking during movie, we don't want you to spit anything out and make an accident. The out takes at the end are very funny.

Here is a post to my first set of glasses.