Thursday, June 27, 2013

Storing Glitter Glue-Ribbon

Hi Everyone! I finally am storing my glitter glues upside down! They will not dry up and will be easier to use this way. I used Velcro to hang my glitter glues upside down. I have now realized I have plenty of glitter and glitter glue and have room for NO MORE! "But it's soooo pretty. I always want more colors." ( as I say in a whiney voice) Video below.

I also moved all my ribbon to one area on ribbon racks I got from Michaels. I do have room for a tiny bit more. Not that I need it. Here's a tip on storing ribbon: I used my adhesive (ATG) to put on the edge of the ribbon so it does not hang down. See they kinda look new by not hanging off edge. I just put a dab of adhesive under the edge and stick to each other.

Here is a picture of all my glitter and glitter glue on 1 rack, I have embossing powder and flocking powder on another rack. Some of my Martha Stewart Punches on the top shelf of both of them.

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New Cricut Cartridge is coming soon!

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