Monday, June 3, 2013

Shopping With Melody

Hi Everyone! I love crafting, but I actually love shopping for crafts even more. But it comes a time when you can not spend more money on things you don't need. My craft room is pretty full, I need to craft more, I am working on a project right now that is taking up some of my inventory and you Cricut lovers will love it, that is if it turns out as I have planned. Well, back to what I was saying... I love to shop but can't keep spending so I decided to show you what is in the store.

My video series is called Shopping With Melody, the first 4 episodes are at Hobby Lobby, more of a tour. I will be going into more stores soon and show you the deals. I put a link to the next video at the end of each video to make it easier to go to the next one. Starting with Episode 2 my head floats around in the video, so you can see me and my reactions to what I find. I am using my phone with the front and back facing cameras at the same time.
Here are the videos.
Episode 1
Mostly paper crafting and clearance isle.

Episode 2 
Ribbons and big flowers and some sewing.

Episode 3
Home Decore, Baskets, Duck tape and more.

Episode 4 
Fall Decorations, Summer and 4th of July

Thanks for watching, let me know what you think.