Friday, May 24, 2013

Tissue Paper Carnations

Hi Everyone, Hope you all have a GREAT mermorial Day Week-end and my subscribers from over seas, You have a GREAT week-end as well. My plans are to shop and craft and make videos.

Okay, as I told you in the last post I will post directions for each flower in my bouquet and today is the carnation. I did not use the Cricut at all, only scallop circle punches in 3 sizes. Large, X-Large and 3X-Large.

It was a little difficult to cut the tissue paper with the punches, its best if you fold and make as many layers at once that you can fit into the punch. Here is a comment I recieved in the video, I wanted to share because she gave me a great tip.
"very cute flowers I love the white one. I ran to my craftroom to make one. Just a FYI if you take a piece of copy paper scrap paper and fold the tissue paper around it it cuts sooooooo much easier. Worked like a charm. :-)"

 I used about 6 layers of each size and attached to a floral stem I bought in the floral section of any craft store. I stacked the tissue paper layers smallest on top and one at a time I crinkled them up and then put hot glue underneath the flower at the base and then spread the paper out until it looked like a carnation. At least as much like I remember because I do not remember the last time I was sent flowers. lol. 

I did make a video below so watch it, share it and like it, unless you hate it then give me a tip on how to improve it, Comments always welcome. The video does have a small haul in the middle of it.

FYI Never through out tissue paper, you can reuse it. If you want it smooth and nice again to put in a gift bag you can iron it on a low temp. I get mine from the Dollar Tree comes in many colors. 


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