Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The killing of an Intruder

Yes I guess I am a murderer. What would you have done if you saw this flying around your craftroom?

But what I thought was a HUGE bee turned out to be a yellow Jacket Wasp. It was HUGE! I heard the buzzing and thought it was my neighbors doing yard work. I was in my craft room recording me do a craft video, I was interupted and freaked out by this insect. I ran up stairs to get hair spray I am a hair stylist so that is the first thing that came to my mind, when all else fails use hairspray. so I came back down with they spray and grabbed my camera that was still on and recording. I zoomed in on what I thought was a bee and sprayed it with hairspray. He fell to the floor and was crawling before he finally rolled over and died. If this bee was an actor he would have won an oscar his death scene was amazing. I did feel bad for killing him, I blessed him at the end.

Here is the video that made me laugh when I watched it.

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