Friday, May 17, 2013

Michaels Haul 25% Everything

They did it again...Michaels trapped me in the store and filled up my cart. Well, maybe not, but in my head that's what happened. They lured me into the store, knowing I needed nothing, with a 25% off everything including sale items. So here I am posting a haul video when I should be working on the craft projects I need to do. My poor Mother has not received her Mothers Day gift yet. It is taking me longer than I had thought. I keep adding to it, and making more work for my self, but my mom is worth it.

Okay, now here is the coupon I want you to use. I want you to also make a haul video and do a video response. If you used the coupon and made a haul video just go to my video and click on the comment as if you are going to write a comment and you will see, Create a video response, just link your video there.

I also got this coupon on Foursquare an app on my phone. When I checked into Michaels it said I opened a special offer and had the coupon. Along with a text and email from Michaels.

Watch my haul video I got a few things I have not bought before.

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