Friday, May 31, 2013

Giant Flowers-Poppy

Hi Everyone! I almost forgot to post this, I posted the flower bouquet and then a post on each flower except this one.  
 I made the Poppy flower from the Cricut cartridge Giant Flowers. It is fairly easy to make. The Poppy flowers was cut at just over 3" and I ran the petals through a crimper and inked the edges. I put the petals together secured them with hot glue. I then turned the flower upside down and put a 16 gauge wire in the center and lots of hot glue.I also cut leaves out from the same cartridge and folded them in half and put through the crimper.  I added a little hot glue to center of the leaves and added 22 gauge green wire and folded the leaf just to cover the wire. I wrapped the wire with the leaf, to the wire I attached to the flower, and then wrapped it all in floral tape. The video is below.