Thursday, May 9, 2013

Giant Flowers- Poppy

Hi Everyone!

I finally used my Giant Flowers Cricut cartridge, arn't you proud of me after about a year and a half I am using the cartridge. I made the poppy at 5" I think I would actually like it better at a smaller size, I plan to make more and have more ideas on how to make them. I put the petals through a crimper, but have an idea for something different next time, but I want to see if it works before I share it.

There is also a small shopping haul near the end of the video, because I decided I needed something to finish the flower. Floral tape really finished off the stem. I used a small wood dowel and was going to paint it green, but decided the green floral tape would be best so I had to make a trip JoAnns, imagine that I actually went for something specific. Dollar tree was right next door so I had to go there too. I got some vases at Dollar Tree for the flowers. 

Sorry the video is kinda of long.