Monday, May 13, 2013

America's Got Talent-Chicago

I went to America's got Talent to be in audience for 2 days that I could have been crafting so I thought I would share it with you. Don't worry I still have some crafts I'm working on and a haul to edit for you.

I'm glad I went to 2 days the first day is the only one showing them getting out of Limo, but after Howie got out they let us go in and my son wanted to get a good seat so we missed the others getting out of limo. we were seated on the Isle they walk down. So I thought we would get good video of them walking down the isle.This was at Rosemont Theater and here are a few pic I took when I got there.

They are getting ready for the Limos to come. They recorded us screaming before they came to make sure the camera got a good shot.
This is my son after we got inside waiting to sit.
Here is the view from our seats that day.

 This is our view the then next day we went, this time I went with my friend Terry.
 This is the door the judges came through and I got to fist bump Howie Mandel and Howard Stern. I was so excited. Terry also fist bumped Heidi Klume, I was just paying attention to Howie and missed Heidi and Mel B. But I love Howie.
This is the judges after we saw an act do a dance from China, the judges tried to do it. The girls on stage were much better I must say.

Now here is the video, I took video both days and tried to slice them together. I must warn you, there is lots of screaming fans you might want to turn the volume down.
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