Friday, May 31, 2013

Giant Flowers-Poppy

Hi Everyone! I almost forgot to post this, I posted the flower bouquet and then a post on each flower except this one.  
 I made the Poppy flower from the Cricut cartridge Giant Flowers. It is fairly easy to make. The Poppy flowers was cut at just over 3" and I ran the petals through a crimper and inked the edges. I put the petals together secured them with hot glue. I then turned the flower upside down and put a 16 gauge wire in the center and lots of hot glue.I also cut leaves out from the same cartridge and folded them in half and put through the crimper.  I added a little hot glue to center of the leaves and added 22 gauge green wire and folded the leaf just to cover the wire. I wrapped the wire with the leaf, to the wire I attached to the flower, and then wrapped it all in floral tape. The video is below.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Paper Daisy

Hi Everyone, today I have the last flower from the flower bouquet I made for Mothers Day. I love this flower and someday I might make a whole bouquet of just daisies in different colors.

I made the daisies from the Flower Shoppe Cricut cartridge, in various sizes. I started by rolling and gluing the center to a 16 gauge wire I was using as the stem. I rolled the yellow center on wire. I then put the daisy together by gluing one petal under another the one next to it to give it a 3d affect and not be flat. I then glued the petals to the center, ok, this sounds much harder than it actually was. Watch the video, it is easy. The hardest part was covering the wire with floral tape, but it is worth it.

Here is the video.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Tissue Paper Carnations

Hi Everyone, Hope you all have a GREAT mermorial Day Week-end and my subscribers from over seas, You have a GREAT week-end as well. My plans are to shop and craft and make videos.

Okay, as I told you in the last post I will post directions for each flower in my bouquet and today is the carnation. I did not use the Cricut at all, only scallop circle punches in 3 sizes. Large, X-Large and 3X-Large.

It was a little difficult to cut the tissue paper with the punches, its best if you fold and make as many layers at once that you can fit into the punch. Here is a comment I recieved in the video, I wanted to share because she gave me a great tip.
"very cute flowers I love the white one. I ran to my craftroom to make one. Just a FYI if you take a piece of copy paper scrap paper and fold the tissue paper around it it cuts sooooooo much easier. Worked like a charm. :-)"

 I used about 6 layers of each size and attached to a floral stem I bought in the floral section of any craft store. I stacked the tissue paper layers smallest on top and one at a time I crinkled them up and then put hot glue underneath the flower at the base and then spread the paper out until it looked like a carnation. At least as much like I remember because I do not remember the last time I was sent flowers. lol. 

I did make a video below so watch it, share it and like it, unless you hate it then give me a tip on how to improve it, Comments always welcome. The video does have a small haul in the middle of it.

FYI Never through out tissue paper, you can reuse it. If you want it smooth and nice again to put in a gift bag you can iron it on a low temp. I get mine from the Dollar Tree comes in many colors. 


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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Flower Bouquet

Sorry Everyone it has been a while, I have been very busy, I have some craft videos to edit and a few shopping hauls coming up too. Some of you like the hauls some of you like the crafts. I like both :) I am also getting my new phone tomorrow. I am very excited about that, I will do a video on that too.

Okay, first here is my bouquet. I gave it to my mom for Mother's Day but it was a week late because it took me longer than I thought it would because I kept adding more to it. I will do a separate video on each type of flower. I do have a video of the finished bouquet too.
 I am not giving directions on this post, I will do that when I do a post for each flower with a video. Those will be coming up very soon. Including the vase. I made poppy flowers, daisies and carnations. There will be more pictures and videos soon.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Michaels Haul 25% Everything

They did it again...Michaels trapped me in the store and filled up my cart. Well, maybe not, but in my head that's what happened. They lured me into the store, knowing I needed nothing, with a 25% off everything including sale items. So here I am posting a haul video when I should be working on the craft projects I need to do. My poor Mother has not received her Mothers Day gift yet. It is taking me longer than I had thought. I keep adding to it, and making more work for my self, but my mom is worth it.

Okay, now here is the coupon I want you to use. I want you to also make a haul video and do a video response. If you used the coupon and made a haul video just go to my video and click on the comment as if you are going to write a comment and you will see, Create a video response, just link your video there.

I also got this coupon on Foursquare an app on my phone. When I checked into Michaels it said I opened a special offer and had the coupon. Along with a text and email from Michaels.

Watch my haul video I got a few things I have not bought before.

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Monday, May 13, 2013

America's Got Talent-Chicago

I went to America's got Talent to be in audience for 2 days that I could have been crafting so I thought I would share it with you. Don't worry I still have some crafts I'm working on and a haul to edit for you.

I'm glad I went to 2 days the first day is the only one showing them getting out of Limo, but after Howie got out they let us go in and my son wanted to get a good seat so we missed the others getting out of limo. we were seated on the Isle they walk down. So I thought we would get good video of them walking down the isle.This was at Rosemont Theater and here are a few pic I took when I got there.

They are getting ready for the Limos to come. They recorded us screaming before they came to make sure the camera got a good shot.
This is my son after we got inside waiting to sit.
Here is the view from our seats that day.

 This is our view the then next day we went, this time I went with my friend Terry.
 This is the door the judges came through and I got to fist bump Howie Mandel and Howard Stern. I was so excited. Terry also fist bumped Heidi Klume, I was just paying attention to Howie and missed Heidi and Mel B. But I love Howie.
This is the judges after we saw an act do a dance from China, the judges tried to do it. The girls on stage were much better I must say.

Now here is the video, I took video both days and tried to slice them together. I must warn you, there is lots of screaming fans you might want to turn the volume down.
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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Decorated 3D Glasses

Hi everyone! First I want to wish all the Mothers out there, Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!! 

I am a little late I wanted this to be my post yesterday. I have been busy this week I went to America's Got Talent twice this week, took up 2 of my crafting days. It was worth is I got to fist bump Howie Mandel and Howard Stern. I love Howie Mandel. I got to see some great acts, this is going to be a great show this year, at least the talent from Chicago is. I did get video from both days and will be editing them into one video. I will post as soon as I have it ready.

I also have my haul I have to edit and will get that out soon. I have been working on a paper flower arrangement to give my mom for Mother's Day and am still working on it, my cricut is cutting as I type. I have more projects I have to get done, so you will be seeing more crafting projects soon. Less shopping hauls. I realized I did not pay my gas or electric bills last month so no more craft shopping. :( Can't use my cricut with out electricity.

Ok on to mt 3D glasses you might have seen these, I posted them on the CricutDIVA blog on Friday.
I made these using the Masks- Earthly Elements Craft Room Exclusive cartridge and Suburbia. The first half of the video shows you how I did it in CCR. I had to use the inside of sun glasses from Suburbia to get the eye holes big enough to fit the lenses. I had to do hide contour on the glasses to get them 1 at a time to turn them to fit the glasses I have, they do fit 3 different types of 3D Glasses I have. My tv is 3D and uses the same glasses you get from the movie theater. So I ask my friends when they go to a 3D movie to keep the glasses and give to me. We do have a box at the theater to recycle the glasses, but I recycle them my own way. I think this would be a fun project with kids to decorate their own glasses then go to movies, maybe a birthday party or something.

I used black glitter paper for the bottom layer and purple foil paper from walmart for the top layer, I used a few zebra print rhinestones and purple and clear rhinestones after I put the purple paper throught the Cuttlebug with the swirls folder, it did not fit so I did one side at a time. You can see in the video.

Here is what the glasses started as.
You can download the cut file here but to cut it you need to own the Masks- Earthly Elements and Suburbia.
I used  the red tacky tape to adhere the mask to the glasses, you can see in video.
The possibilities are endless with these, there is so much you could do to alter your glasses.

I almost forgot to post the video

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Thursday, May 9, 2013


Hi Everyone!!! I have an announcement! I am now on the CricutDIVA Design Team for I am still on the Cricut Fanatics blog design team and post on that site on the 20th of every month. But today I am posting my first post for CricutDIVA blog. So hop on over to Cricut DIVA today to see my 3D Glasses I decorated. I feel like a super hero wearing them.

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Giant Flowers- Poppy

Hi Everyone!

I finally used my Giant Flowers Cricut cartridge, arn't you proud of me after about a year and a half I am using the cartridge. I made the poppy at 5" I think I would actually like it better at a smaller size, I plan to make more and have more ideas on how to make them. I put the petals through a crimper, but have an idea for something different next time, but I want to see if it works before I share it.

There is also a small shopping haul near the end of the video, because I decided I needed something to finish the flower. Floral tape really finished off the stem. I used a small wood dowel and was going to paint it green, but decided the green floral tape would be best so I had to make a trip JoAnns, imagine that I actually went for something specific. Dollar tree was right next door so I had to go there too. I got some vases at Dollar Tree for the flowers. 

Sorry the video is kinda of long. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The killing of an Intruder

Yes I guess I am a murderer. What would you have done if you saw this flying around your craftroom?

But what I thought was a HUGE bee turned out to be a yellow Jacket Wasp. It was HUGE! I heard the buzzing and thought it was my neighbors doing yard work. I was in my craft room recording me do a craft video, I was interupted and freaked out by this insect. I ran up stairs to get hair spray I am a hair stylist so that is the first thing that came to my mind, when all else fails use hairspray. so I came back down with they spray and grabbed my camera that was still on and recording. I zoomed in on what I thought was a bee and sprayed it with hairspray. He fell to the floor and was crawling before he finally rolled over and died. If this bee was an actor he would have won an oscar his death scene was amazing. I did feel bad for killing him, I blessed him at the end.

Here is the video that made me laugh when I watched it.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Haul and Update

Hi Everyone! I have been so busy lately, maybe I have just been procrastinating? No I think I have been busy, I am going to help someone with their Wedding invitations, they want them shaped like a guitar and seating cards and thank yous shaped like guitar picks. Took a long time to get them the right shape and everything. I will show pictures when they are all done.

I have also had Kankakee Paranormal Research Society to my house. I know I have ghosts, they still have to go over all the footage. But they only feel positive energy in my house, nothing negative, and I agree. 

Tomorrow I am going to go see America's Got Talent in Chicago, I have tickets for the Audience. So no time to craft then. I have tweeted Howie Mandel I want to meet him. We will see. If you don't follow me on twitter here is my twitter address. @Melodylane815 You also get points for that in my Give Away.

I think I have a new blog post for everyday this week so keep coming back, I just need to get a few videos to get uploaded. I have a few crafts and my Haul.

I have a shopping haul from Walmart, Michaels, Joanns and Hobby Lobby, I have been going and buying 1 item at a time with a coupon on my phone, if you don't have them you should download the HobbyLobby, Joanns and Michaels apps on to your phone so you have the latest coupons, I am also signed up for text alerts and coupons for Michaels and JoAnnns. One day I just got done doing my moms hair at work and I said I was going to go to Hobby Lobby, her and the owner of the salon said I don't need to go there, I said well it's better than spending money on cigarettes, my mom has quit but did smoke and the salon owner smokes, it is an addiction just like they have. I am just trying to stock up on my clay supply right now. 

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