Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I went to Michaels twice today!

Yes I do have a problem and if anyone can help me please do. I went to Michaels today. I did not even get past the front quarter of the store, I decided I had too much in my cart and I to leave. I had to go back to work to do a hair cut on a client. She paid me in cash...I had no choice but to spend it right away at Michaels, I was starving, I had no lunch or breakfast and it's 1:30 but I went straight to Michaels. It was more important than lunch. Really what is wrong with me? Have they brain washed us? Why do we keep going back. I think they put something in the air...Cocaine? I have never tried that but all I can think about is the sale at Michaels.

Ok so I did not take any photos, just video. I also show you a project I am working on.