Thursday, April 11, 2013

Heat Transfer Vinyl an 2 New Cartridges

Cricut Project Cartridge
Brooklyn Iron-On

Cricut Project Cartridge
Boho Graphics Iron-On

Cricut is now selling vinyl and it look awesome but I think priced a little high, but I am sure they will sell a ton of it. But I am a bargain shopper so went looking for more because I know Provo craft did not invent this is has been around as long as I can remember. So I found lots on Amazon and here is a link to some Glitter Iron on for only $3 And an assorted pack of 10 colors for only $12.42 And then OMG look at the foil vinyl. 20" by 3 feet! for $12.50

So Sorry Provo Craft but I can find it cheaper, but will buy the cartridges.