Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Decorated Mailbox

A hair client of mine asked me to decorate her mailbox. This belonged to her father in law who passed away last year,  she didn't really give me a choice, she said one week she wanted to put flowers coming out of it and asked if I would paint it, she said I could use as a project on my blog. So the next week she comes in with the mail box and I find out she wants me to add the flowers. I have never done a flower arrangement, but she says I am so creative I will do a wonderful job. I love this client, I have been doing her hair every week for about 17 years. So This is what I did...

This is a picture of how it was when I received it.
This picture is when I was almost done painting.
Here are the butterflies I made, some are not as good as others, but I did not need them all. I used Artiste Cricut cartridge in Cricut Craft Room and for the shadow I used the hide contour feature on the butterfly to get rid of the holes. I sprayed the butterflies with Polyurethane for outdoor use. 

After the second  coat I sprinkled glitter on them.I sprayed the mail box twice with out the butterflies and the butterflies 3 times and the 2 more coats after they were glued to the mailbox. I used E6000 glue to attach to mailbox. I made antennas with black 26 gauge wire and glitter glue. I show this step in the video. Click here to download the butterflies cut file for Cricut Craft room. 

 I painted the flowers smaller near the back and larger and more detail near the front. Same with the butterlies, smaller in back and bigger in front so it looks closer at front.

I glued leaves from the flowers to the mailbox. I bought 4 bouquets of flowers from Michaels and intertwined them. Then glued butterflies to the flowers.

 This is the finished mailbox. I brought it in to work to give to my client.
Here is the video. Watch me paint it in fast forward, then I put the butterflies together.