Friday, April 26, 2013

Basketball and Soccer Key Chain with Clay

No, I have not stopped doing paper crafts. I am however experimenting with clay and the Cricut Cake. With the sale at Michaels having clay for 87 cents I want to start using it, I also have my Cricut Cake machine that wanted out of it's box after 18 months. Once you use you Cricut cake for clay they say it is not food safe, so I have been waiting to use it with fondant, I see now that will never happen. 

Okay, on to my project.

I forgot to take pictures along the way but do have video. Shocker, I know. 

I used Sculpey Polymer Clay and a Sculpey Pasta machine I got at Joanns with a 50% coupon for only $15. And just an FYI Sculpey clay is $1.99 at Hobby Lobby and $2.29 at JoAnns, at least in my area, I forget what it is at Michaels. I have been going to Hobby Lobby everyday and using the 40% off coupon from my phone, they have an app you can download to your smart phone and use coupon everyday. The clay then cost me $1.26 with tax.

Let's try this again...
Okay, on to my project.

I used the 3Birds-Life is a Party Cricut cartridge, I love this cartridge, I did not know it had these cuts. To find a basketball and soccer ball I went into CCR and did a search and it showed a bunch to me and let me know they ones I had linked and what cartridge they were from. If you have never used search in the Cricut Craft Room you should try it. 

I cut the balls at 2" and the circles just a bit bigger. To get the basketball color I mixed yellow, brown, and orange and of course used black and white for soccer ball. Make sure you wash your hands between handling each color, my soccer ball turned out a little dirty looking, but it was okay because most soccer balls look that way. 

I set the pressure at low but it was not enough to cut out completely, high pressure had cut my mat. Medium pressure is best I found. Low pressure was fine with the plain circles but for intricate cuts like the basketball I had to redo it with med pressure. 

These pictures are just 1 keychain showing 2 sides.  I made this a 12 year old that plays both soccer and basketball.

I used an eyepin between the 2 base layers, I zigzagged the pin so it was not straight and would not fall right out of clay after it was baked. (you can see this in video)

I then baked for 15 minute at 275. Once it was cooled I painted 2 coats of Sculpy Gloss Glaze. 

Here is the cut file in CCR if you want it.

Here is the video...

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