Sunday, April 28, 2013

Paper Butterflies Flew in my Window

If you are looking for the Give Away CLICK HERE!

Hi Everyone! Have you entered to win my giveaway? If not click link above.

In case you haven't noticed I love Butterflies, we have so many choices in butterflies Cricut makes a ton of them but I think these are my favorite. These are from the Close To My Heart Cricut cartridge Artiste. You can get that here.

I made this using Cricut Craft Room as I always do. I just made many of the same butterfly, I don't think you can see this but I used white Glitter card stock from JoAnns, it cuts great in the Cricut. I attached them on the wall with my atg, I only placed it down the center of the butterfly and then on some of the big ones I put adhesive on the top wing, but bent the wing so it was not flat.

 If you want the cut file for CCR you can down load it here. Here is a 2 minute video showing you the finished butterflies, I did not do a tutorial because I didn't alter them in any way, I just cut and stuck to wall. So Easy!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Give Away

The Huge Give Away is finally here! 
I am so EXCITED! This is not the only give away, more to come...

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Share this widget on your blog for 10 entries. This link will take you to a website to get the code to place in your blog. before placing the code on your blog make sure you hit HTML and then paste the code and once you post it you will be able to see it.

I have a video below of everything in the give away, but first here are more pictures.

This is the video!

Basketball and Soccer Key Chain with Clay

No, I have not stopped doing paper crafts. I am however experimenting with clay and the Cricut Cake. With the sale at Michaels having clay for 87 cents I want to start using it, I also have my Cricut Cake machine that wanted out of it's box after 18 months. Once you use you Cricut cake for clay they say it is not food safe, so I have been waiting to use it with fondant, I see now that will never happen. 

Okay, on to my project.

I forgot to take pictures along the way but do have video. Shocker, I know. 

I used Sculpey Polymer Clay and a Sculpey Pasta machine I got at Joanns with a 50% coupon for only $15. And just an FYI Sculpey clay is $1.99 at Hobby Lobby and $2.29 at JoAnns, at least in my area, I forget what it is at Michaels. I have been going to Hobby Lobby everyday and using the 40% off coupon from my phone, they have an app you can download to your smart phone and use coupon everyday. The clay then cost me $1.26 with tax.

Let's try this again...
Okay, on to my project.

I used the 3Birds-Life is a Party Cricut cartridge, I love this cartridge, I did not know it had these cuts. To find a basketball and soccer ball I went into CCR and did a search and it showed a bunch to me and let me know they ones I had linked and what cartridge they were from. If you have never used search in the Cricut Craft Room you should try it. 

I cut the balls at 2" and the circles just a bit bigger. To get the basketball color I mixed yellow, brown, and orange and of course used black and white for soccer ball. Make sure you wash your hands between handling each color, my soccer ball turned out a little dirty looking, but it was okay because most soccer balls look that way. 

I set the pressure at low but it was not enough to cut out completely, high pressure had cut my mat. Medium pressure is best I found. Low pressure was fine with the plain circles but for intricate cuts like the basketball I had to redo it with med pressure. 

These pictures are just 1 keychain showing 2 sides.  I made this a 12 year old that plays both soccer and basketball.

I used an eyepin between the 2 base layers, I zigzagged the pin so it was not straight and would not fall right out of clay after it was baked. (you can see this in video)

I then baked for 15 minute at 275. Once it was cooled I painted 2 coats of Sculpy Gloss Glaze. 

Here is the cut file in CCR if you want it.

Here is the video...

Come Back tomorrow for the biggest giveaway I have ever done!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mothers Day Sale

Did you see the Mothers Day Sale @ if you know someone who has wanted a Cricut or someone who doesn't know they want it yet, here is the chance. The Cricut mini is $99 BUT WAIT! You also get $25 mail-in REBATE! BUT WAIT! There's more, if you happen to be a Cricut Circle Member you get 10% off and then it is only $89 and $64 after rebate! 

$64 After rebate to Circle Members, did you hear that??? Awesome Deal! BUT WAIT! Did you see this???
I am not sure what is going to be on sale here but I can't wait to find out. 

And there is MORE! This sale is only til May 1st!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cutting Clay in Cricut Cake

I wanted to share with you my very first polymer clay project. If you follow me and have watched my shopping hauls you know I have been buying a lot of clay because Michaels had the sale of a life time last week and I could not pass it up even though I have never used it. well, I also have a Cricut Cake Machine that was still in the box after a year and a half I thought I was never going to use it to make a cake. I don't make cakes, and they get eaten so I thought I would use it for polymer clay instead and make something I can keep, or sell.

I made a peace key chain, now remember this was my first clay project so it is not perfect. It did cut out great on the Cricut Cake, I used Cricut Craft Room and Groovy Times cartridge. I mixed in glitter to the red clay and then to the pink clay for the flower, but that was not enough bling so I also sprinkled it on top of the flower, before placing on the other layers.

It was a lot of fun making these and I will make more with clay and my Cricut. I put an eye pin through the top before baking it in the oven and then I can make it in to key chains, charms, earrings, the possibilities are really endless. 

This one to the right was the first one I did, I'm not as happy with it as the second one. I rolled out the clay too thin on the first one and it made it harder to move and get off the mat.

I cut it out at 2" I think it is a good size for a key chain or necklace. I have the cut file here if you have the Groovy Times cartridge.

Polymer clay must be baked to harden, I baked in my toaster oven at 275 degrees as it says in the directions on the package of clay.

Just like most of my projects I added a video. There is also a tiny haul in the video showing some things I bought to make more things with clay.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Link Gypsy to Cricut Craft Room is HERE!!!

OMG!  is all I can say I am so excited! You would think I won the lottery. I found out on my own, I decided to ope CCR and there was an update, I knew there would have to be an update to be able to upload the Gypsy so I decided to turn on my camera to record me doing everything so I can show you if you had any questions. Watching the video back, I thought wow I am a bit too excited over this, but really we have been waiting for over a year, almost 2 years for this to happen.

Thank You Provo Craft for this update and $20 credit in my account! Just Gypsy owners get a $20 credit!  and it expires on May 18, who am I kidding it will be gone tomorrow, lol.

They have announced it now on the Cricut Message board and will share the announcement message with you here:

We are pleased to announce that you are now able to link your Cricut Gypsy™ device to the Cricut Craft Room® design software! That means you can
access all of your content, both digital and cartridges, on your Cricut Gypsy™ device and your Cricut Craft Room® account simultaneously.

We know that there are many who love the flexibility of using their Cricut Gypsy™ device. That’s why we’ve also spent numerous hours developing a repair process. If you experience issues with your Cricut Gypsy™ device, you now have the option to repair it.

Read the FAQs about the repair process, or see all the Gypsy repair options to learn more. Express and Standard turnaround repair options are available, and all repairs include a 90 day warranty.

While we are dedicated to providing ongoing support and repair options for the Cricut Gypsy™ device, we have made the decision to stop production on the current Cricut Gypsy™ model. This will allow us to focus our efforts and prioritize our product offering. We will still offer support and content updates for the Cricut Gypsy™ device.

We will also stop providing updates to the Cricut DesignStudio® software in order to focus those resources on creating and improving the Cricut® experience. We will still offer support for the software, but there will be no further content updates for the Cricut DesignStudio® software.

We hope that the linking and repair options for your Cricut Gypsy™ device enable you to continue to create how and what you want to. We know that the wait for these new options has been long—we appreciate your patience and are confident that you will find them worth the wait! 
Ok Thanks for that announcement! Now here is my video. If you have already linked or not interested in linking I still ask you to see this crazy reaction to finding out. I really think I am crazy.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Zebra Print Love

This is a small haul from Walmart. I found this Awesome zebra print contact paper, made by the duck tape people. I covered some photo boxes to match my room. I will show you more in my craft room tour video I will be making soon.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Heat Transfer Vinyl an 2 New Cartridges

Cricut Project Cartridge
Brooklyn Iron-On

Cricut Project Cartridge
Boho Graphics Iron-On

Cricut is now selling vinyl and it look awesome but I think priced a little high, but I am sure they will sell a ton of it. But I am a bargain shopper so went looking for more because I know Provo craft did not invent this is has been around as long as I can remember. So I found lots on Amazon and here is a link to some Glitter Iron on for only $3 And an assorted pack of 10 colors for only $12.42 And then OMG look at the foil vinyl. 20" by 3 feet! for $12.50

So Sorry Provo Craft but I can find it cheaper, but will buy the cartridges.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I went to Michaels twice today!

Yes I do have a problem and if anyone can help me please do. I went to Michaels today. I did not even get past the front quarter of the store, I decided I had too much in my cart and I to leave. I had to go back to work to do a hair cut on a client. She paid me in cash...I had no choice but to spend it right away at Michaels, I was starving, I had no lunch or breakfast and it's 1:30 but I went straight to Michaels. It was more important than lunch. Really what is wrong with me? Have they brain washed us? Why do we keep going back. I think they put something in the air...Cocaine? I have never tried that but all I can think about is the sale at Michaels.

Ok so I did not take any photos, just video. I also show you a project I am working on. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Run to Michael's before the store is empty.

I hope everyone has heard about the AWESOME Sale at Michaels!

The sale goes on til Saturday but I don't think there will be much left unless they restock. I got quite a haul. They are having Daily deals again too and today is 60% off Recollections embellishments. I am not going, I'm broke now.

Michael's is calling this the Best Deals Sale and they are right! It's like Black Friday but it's all week. I went at 11:30 Sunday morning they were out of the $5 paper pads, I asked about them and she said they were gone as soon as they put them out.

Here are a few of the sales.
8 for $1 open stock paper
5 for $7 photo boxes
25 for $1 foam brushes, yes I did type that right they have never been this price. I bought 56.
$.87 for Modeling clay
60% off Recollections storage
40% off recollections washi tape
$2.89 scrapbook cases, normally 8.99

There is so much more! Here is my video

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Cheer up Mam1016

Hi Everyone!

The card I made today is for someone, Marisa, that I have never met and just started watching some of her videos last week. Here is her YouTube page Mam1016. She is having a challenge/giveaway. To make her a card to cheer her up, it must have blue on it and a star or heart but I forgot that part, mine has no heart accept my heart while I was making it, lol. It must also cheer her up. She said we could just make a video in response to her video and we could send it to her for more of a chance. So, of course I sent it to her, how could I make a card for someone and not send it?

I forgot to take pictures as I go so you can see on the blog how I did it. but it is all in the video below.

 I used the Artiste cartridge I got from and Freshly Picked Cricut cartridge, I am so proud of myself using a cartridge I have never used. lol. The butterfly and grass was from the Artists and the flowers and sign were from Freshly picked. You are welcome to download the cut file here for CCR.

I cut the purple and blue back ground layers with my new paper cutter from yesterdays post, you can see the video on that post. 
 I used Stickles on the butterfly and embossed the blue back ground with a butterfly embossing folder through the Cuttlebug.

I layered the grass by putting the back rows right on the card and then using glue dots on top of each other to make them thicker and then the next layer is on foam squares and then the top layer is on foam squares on top of the layer underneath it. Did you get all that? if not watch the video. I stamped the little sign with one of my new stamps I got from HSN it says "you inspire me" The ink is also new from my HSN Haul, it is the gold ink from Anna Griffin.
In this picture you will notice the butterfly is a little blurry, it was trying to fly away. I told it to stay put and to cheer Marisa up. I put it on a home made action wobble.

This is the inside of the card. Can you look at this and not smile? Is it  possible? I hope this cheers her up! She should get it in the mail today, Monday the latest. 

Here is the video!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Started using my new stuff.

Hi Everyone! Hope you have a great weekend!

Today I am showing you the beginning of a card. While I was editing the video for the card I realized I spent 5 minuets cutting 2 pieces of paper because I was showing you the paper cutter. I love my new cutter. So I decided to stop the video and just have it about the cutter mostly and tomorrow I will have the card and video for the card.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

HSN Shopping Haul is finally here

Hi Everyone! It's also my birthday! I love my birthday! This is from March 25th 24 hours of crafts, one of my favorite days! I got a few hours of sleep and recored what was on when I was sleeping.

This haul is half from my mom who's HSN account I used to purchase the first big box I open. The other I used my own HSN credit card and flex payments when ever I could.

If you are on facebook please like my page, that would make my birthday wish come true! 

 In the pictures is everything I bought, I did forget to put the blue xyron mega runner adhesive kit in the picture. But I finally got some polymer clay I have wanted forever and a Martha Stewart paint set. I also got lots of ink sets and clear stamps and stencils and much more. You can see everything in the 2 videos below.
Here is part 1 of haul
Here is part 2

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Decorated Mailbox

A hair client of mine asked me to decorate her mailbox. This belonged to her father in law who passed away last year,  she didn't really give me a choice, she said one week she wanted to put flowers coming out of it and asked if I would paint it, she said I could use as a project on my blog. So the next week she comes in with the mail box and I find out she wants me to add the flowers. I have never done a flower arrangement, but she says I am so creative I will do a wonderful job. I love this client, I have been doing her hair every week for about 17 years. So This is what I did...

This is a picture of how it was when I received it.
This picture is when I was almost done painting.
Here are the butterflies I made, some are not as good as others, but I did not need them all. I used Artiste Cricut cartridge in Cricut Craft Room and for the shadow I used the hide contour feature on the butterfly to get rid of the holes. I sprayed the butterflies with Polyurethane for outdoor use. 

After the second  coat I sprinkled glitter on them.I sprayed the mail box twice with out the butterflies and the butterflies 3 times and the 2 more coats after they were glued to the mailbox. I used E6000 glue to attach to mailbox. I made antennas with black 26 gauge wire and glitter glue. I show this step in the video. Click here to download the butterflies cut file for Cricut Craft room. 

 I painted the flowers smaller near the back and larger and more detail near the front. Same with the butterlies, smaller in back and bigger in front so it looks closer at front.

I glued leaves from the flowers to the mailbox. I bought 4 bouquets of flowers from Michaels and intertwined them. Then glued butterflies to the flowers.

 This is the finished mailbox. I brought it in to work to give to my client.
Here is the video. Watch me paint it in fast forward, then I put the butterflies together.