Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Owls, Owls and more Owls on a tissue box

Ok here is the second part of my tissue box I posted from last week. Everyone loved it the way it was but it was always planned to have owls on it for a friend. 

I do not have lots of directions because I took video and split the owls up into four videos, If you start with the first one there is a link to the others near the end of the video. I am posting them separate just in case you only want to watch one, you can pick what you watch, originally it was to be 1 video but would have been over 25 min so I cut it up.

Here is the cut file that also includes a bonus owl. This is for Cricut Craft Room Only and you can not see it unless you open it in the craft room.
 I did ink the edges of a lot of the pieces, and added extra eyes to most of them, except the sleeping one.

 Here is the first video using an owl from Create a Critter 2 if you start here you can watch them all by clicking on link at the end.
Here is video #2 owl from Give a Hoot.
Here is video #3 owl from Straight from the Nest.
Here is video #4 owl from Sugar n Spice.