Sunday, March 17, 2013

Michaels pulled me in again

Hi Everyone!

I did it again, I had a coupon it was only for 2 days. What was I suppose to do I think it had been weeks since I was at Joanns, Hobby Lobby or Michaels I have been going through with drawl. I really wanted to go to Hobby Lobby but did not because I have bills to pay and enough craft supplies at home to open a small store. I think I actually love buying crafts and getting a deal more than anything. Why is that? Is there a therapist out there that can help me?

Have you ever seen real wood paper? Have you ever tried it in the Cricut or ecraft machine? I have never seen it. It is not printed with a wood grain it is really thin wood. was on clearance for only 14 cents. I also got Martha Stewart paper pad with beautiful glitter paper and foil paper for only $5.99 and lots of things for 50 cents. Cuttlebug things were 40% off So I bought an Anna Griffin Folder to add to my give away pile. I'm not sure yet when I am having a give away but soon I think.

Watch the video below to see my entire shopping haul!