Monday, March 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Banner

Hi Everyone! Sorry I have not posted a lot lately I had a cold and have been working so in my spare time I tried to sleep. Crafting takes a lot of my brain power and that makes me tired. When I craft I never copy something else so thinking and creating can wear me out.

I finnallly made a Birthday Banner for work, I say Finally because I have planned on making one since last September, Yeah, I'm just a little late. We have a bunch of Birthdays coming up mine included, April 4th, I love birthdays! And Birthday cake! and birthday presents! Ok, back to my project. I work at a salon called Eclips and our logo is, well let me try to give you a picture.

So I wanted our Banner that we put up for everyone's birthday to match the salon in some way. So, I made orange rosettes and used black glitter paper cut in circles over them with white glitter paper letters ans black glitter paper shadows.
Here is the cut file for Cricut Craft Room, you are welcome to download it.
ok so here is how I did it.

 I used CCR, and CCR image Cricut Mini- Celebrate, I cut this pennant out at 7.5" I sized it so I could fit 2 on a 8.5x11 paper. These are made to fit together so the holes line up perfectly. I choose that color of purple because the salon has a few walls painted that color. I used my ATG gun to adhere together.
 I welded two pieces together from page 30 of Ribbons & Rosettes Cricut cartridge. In the cut file I made it so you can cut 4 of these pieces on one sheet of 8.5x11" paper and it takes two pieces to make one rosette. I scored these right over the little holes and then adhered them together with my ATG. You just push it together and then open it and hot glue it. It can take a little practice. I show you how to do them in the video below.
 I then cut out circles on black, glitter cardstock and hot glued the rosettes right on pennant and then the circle on top of rosette.
 I cut the letters out with Feeling Groovy Cricut cartridge and also used the shadow feature. They were cut out at 6" but most of them are smaller than 6" because that is the way the font is. I picked this font because I thought it was fun looking. Everyone loved it. I hot glued the letters on, The glitter paper is hard to get things to stick to them.  Here are just a few closeups of the letters. I strung them together using orange ribbon, that thin ribbon that is only 50 cents.

 Here is the finished banner hanging over Bev's station for her 45th Birthday, haha she will be mad if she knows I just told her age. I don't think she reads my blog so I think I am good, she is not a crafter.

Here is the video with directions!