Thursday, February 28, 2013

Shopping Haul

Hobby Lobby and Michaels Haul

This was not planned at all, I had to run some errands, get my nails done go to bank and UPS Store things like that. I did want to go to Michaels for one thing so I stopped at Hobby Lobby first because it was closer, that's the right thing to do right? If they had what I wanted I would not go to Michaels. 

I entered Hobby Lobby and did not grab a cart because I only went for one reason. I did not find what I was looking for but did see ribbon was 50% off. I was good only walked out with 4 rolls of ribbon. Then I can not leave the store with out going to the clearance isle, I saw some great paper but not at a great price so I decided time to go, then I walked around the store for 30 more minutes. Got close to the check out when I remembered I wanted to get some fun foam. So I did go get and then checked out right away. 

I entered Michaels with the same idea at Hobby Lobby, no cart, was there for one thing. That did not last long. I had to go back and get a cart. I found a clearance isle near the floral section but they had paper and other stuff we all love in that isle. I did find what I was looking for along with lots of other fun things. I found these cute bird cages, they were 30% off and I got them to put my cricut guys in. I plan on hanging them from my ceiling.
I also found these great ribbon holders from Iris, I have never seen these before, I have been looking for them. They only had two so I bought them both and all their craft storage is 40% off so I only paid $11.98 each for them. I can't wait to get more. I put my Martha Stewart punches on the top row. But has 2 rows for ribbon and also has storage containers that fit on the rods, you can buy those extra, but these come with hooks that you can hang scissors on if you want. You can see more in my video below.

Here is my entire shopping haul.