Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dinning room to Craft room transformation.

About a week ago I was contemplating moving the paper crafting part of my craft room to my dinning room. I was thinking about what a waste my dinning room was and it was beginning to be a catch all room. I know you understand what I am saying. I do not cook and never plan on actually having a formal dinner party, I would much rather have a craft party or would settle for a game night. I do have a china cabinet only because my mom and step dad had it in storage and decided to get rid of the storage so asked me if I wanted it. Sure I have a dinning room now. I said. Well, watch the video to see my so called dinning room.

To start the transformation I painted the chandelier, I do rent this house, this is owned by my land lord but I do think I improved it so hopefully he will be ok with it. I do plan on staying a while. It's only paint.

It was a brown color before. I had no idea how to take it down in order to spray paint it as I was thinking. My sister volunteered her husband to take it down but it would be a week. I am very impatient and wanting it done now so I went to Menards and bought the paint and had to go to Lowes to find the glitter made for paint. I painted it with a brush, while it was still in place, just stood on a kitchen chair. I have no time to be waiting for no man.

 This is the little can of paint I used for chandelier and you can see the glitter I poured on top before I mixed it in. You can see the brand of paint in video. The color is Sterling Silver I think it's Rustoleum metalics.
This is the glitter I mixed into the paint for chandelier and walls. My Lowes only carried gold and silver but I think it says it comes in many colors. It was around $6 I bought 2.

 Here is the paint color, I brought my Cricut purple end cap into Menards so they could match the paint. They did a great job, it really does match.
Here is the picture I posted on Facebook Superbowl Sunday asking for help from tall friends. I got no takes so I tackled this one by my self on a wobbly ladder I also inherited from my mom's storage. I have 10' ceilings so I had sore legs after taping the ceilings and trim on that awful ladder and then painting 10' walls. Then once the painting was done I had to carry everything down stairs and when you have 10' ceilings there are more steps. So needless to say I got my much needed exercise in for the week.

Here are the finished pictures. I still have more to do, decorate the walls and such, and I would like 2 6' tables so people can come craft with me. Watch the video below to see the room before during and after.

Here is the video!