Thursday, January 3, 2013

Shopping Haul

I really am trying but I think I have a craft shopping sickness, no really, I'm am calling out to all my crafters for help. I can't seem to stop buying paper. I was at Michaels and they had the 8.5x11 paper packs 5 for $10 that's 50% off. They had new paper I have never seen! Why do they do this to us. Recollections stickers and embellishments were 50% OFF! YES, I know, How do I not get things?

My Teddy Bears are going to be so spoiled I can now make them diamond necklaces and earrings and pearls too. Yes, I am bear obsessed!!!! I tried to call out for help on to face book and asked for someone to stop me but no one came.

Watch the video to see a few sneak peaks at some bears and a give away item I purchased. But first here is a picture then the video to follow.

Warning I'm a little crazy in the video, I don't know what happened to me today.