Thursday, January 24, 2013

My New Craft Room Friend

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I got a Betta fish for my craft room. I love this tank because I can change the paper so easy and create my own back ground and I want to create little characters with my cricut for the background. I have an extra purple cricut guy so I rinsed him off added him to the tank to keep the fish company. 

 My Betta is a Half Moon Betta fish. I just went for the prettiest fish I could find.

The tank is a Marina Flower Design Betta kit and comes with water conditioner and flakes. The people at Pet Smart suggested I use pellets for food instead of flakes to keep the water cleaner. They only need about 3 pellets every other day. I added a heater made by Marina because the poor little fish would freeze in my house. I have a link to the tank and heater below. 

I used water they had bottled called Betta water so I did not have to worry about the water condition but 1 bottle was not enough so I did add water after I conditioned it. So I suggest 2 bottles if you go that route.
I have a video below showing the unboxing of tank and putting it together. 

I think I may name him Crafty, but am taking suggestions. Leave me a comment if you know a good name.