Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Making Teddy Bears

I made some Teddy Bears from Teddy Bear Parade Cricut Cartridge. I wanted to make more but I was distracted by Michaels, My shopping haul video will be up tomorrow. I am so obsessed with these Teddy Bears everything I bought today I was thinking I could use to embellish them, I really think I have gone nuts and it's all Provo Crafts fault, I have to blame someone, Right?

I had fun making the bears I did make, you will not see them all here today, but in my shopping haul I show you a few more. I also made some rainbow bears that are soooo cute! I love them, I might have to make them into a banner or something. You will see them in a few days. I did not cut the eyes or noses out for any of the bears, I used google eyes or rhinestones and anything else I could think of including stickles and more. I was being creative and trying different things, I don't like to be traditional incase you have not noticed.

Here is a pic of two of the bears standing next to Mr. Cricut.
These are naked bears I have not yet made any clothing I am going to make more naked bears out of different papers first then have a naked Teddy Bear Parade and then after I make the outfits there will be another parade. I think it's confirmed I am crazy!!!
The video