Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hobby Lobby Called my name.

I was home and just finished making the patchwork teddy bears and Hobby Lobby entered my mind. Someone kept whispering in my head that i need to go to Hobby Lobby, I think I have ghosts in my house that love crafting. I wish they would clean my craft room when I leave.

Well I went to Hobby Lobby as the ghosts were telling me to go. (I need to blame someone, right?)I found some great deals, I got wood stamps on clearance and one was a Valentine. I bought button brads for my Teddy Bears and so much more. For all you paper hoarders I did not get any paper I did not even go down that isle. I think it was the only isle I did not go down. The paper was 40% off. So I feel I did something good by resisting. All the Paper Studio products were 40% off too. Christmas was 80% off . Watch the video to see everything.