Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year Everyone! Hope everyone had a great first day of the year. I just want to say how Grateful I am for everything I have, I truly feel blessed right now. We should be thankful all year round not just on Thanksgiving. I am very grateful for my craft room and the time I have to spend in it.
I spent the entire day in my craft room. I did not get as much done as I wanted but I like to show you what I do to so that slows me down when I have to edit videos. I am off work tomorrow too so I hope to get more done, but sometime I will have to do laundry and take my Christmas decorations down.

If you are one of my YouTube subscribers you might already know I bought the Teddy Bear Parade cartridge, yeah I know I'm a little late to the parade but better late than never. But if you don't have it I made a video on the handbook a long with the Fast Food cartridge I bought. I suggest you buy Teddy Bear Parade from Walmart.com you can pick any 2 Cricut lite cartridges for $50. That's what I did despite the people on Ebay trying to sell them for $60 each.

I have been working on Bears all day but you are going to have to wait to see them. I should be showing them all week. Today I have the video of the hand book and a video of me getting them ready in CCR. If you are new to Cricut Craft Room the video Teddy Bears in CCR might help you. I show how to save paper and copy and past many images at once. I also have the cut file to cut 18 3" bears at once on a 12x12 mat. Click here to download. In order to use this cut file you must upload it to your ccr and have the Teddy Bear Parade cartridge.

Here are the videos.

Teddy Bears in CCR