Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tissue Box Cover

I created the box with Cricut Craft Room Basics so it is free and everyone can make one. 3 of the designs on the side of box are made with Pack Your Bags and the one with Florida and Illinois I welded together from the Destinations cartridge. I also made a video on the box and a separate one with the Island showing how I put real sand on it. I made this for my mom who is going to Florida for few months. 

I made a cut file for the tissue box only, here. And a cut file for the sides of the box here. These can be downloaded and then opened only in Cricut Craft Room.

I got this idea from the Cricut Expression Book. Here is a link to it, You can get the Kindle edition for only 99 cents.
  I have a video below to show how to make it but here are the measurements if you do not want to use CCR.
Box sides 2-pieces of 5 1/8 x 9 1/2" score at 1" and 5",
4 pieces of 4 1/4 x 4" and 4 pieces of 4 1/4 x 3/4".
 Adhere all the pattern paper to the sides, leaving room at top for the lid, I used loose paper from JoAnns to look like water, sky, and grass. I also used the Cuttlebug on 2 of my pattern papers. While the box is still flat add any Cricut cuts you like. Mine are in the Florida Sides of Box cut file. 3 from the Pack Your Bags cartridge.  1 from Destinations cartridge that I welded together to create Florida and Illinois together and then made a back ground for the words and added Home between the states.  Again this is in cut file.
For tissue box lid- cut a 6 9/16 x 6 9/16 - score at 1" on all sides, cut the right score line on each side 1 inch up to the next score line, do this to every side. Cut a 4 1/4 x 4 1/4 pattern paper this is in cut file. You will need a hole for tissue to come through,I used a scallop oval, it is in cut file. I used the Cuttlebug on the 4 1/4 x 4 1/4 pattern paper.

 I applied a 7 inch piece of ribbon to the side of lid and folding edge of ribbon underneath the sides to be hidden (cheater method) before I adhered them together with red tape on each corner. I show this in video.

The Island is from page 45 of Pack Your Bags, I did make a video on this cut out.  I mixed real sand and glitter to make the island. The actual piece has water around it but I ended up cutting that off because my back ground paper was water. I added foam squares behind the top of trees only and used adhesive on island to the trees were popped out more.

On page 44 of Pack Your bags you will find my next cut, 80 degrees and Sunny with the sun. I used foam squares to pop out the Sunny and face of sun only. I adhered on to side at an angle.  I then cut out the woman on page 35 of Pack Your Bags. Again I did not cut out the water because I used a water back ground. I used a metallic purple paper for the swim suit and cap and instead of the flower I added a zebra print rhinestone by The Paper Studio. I also added a little blush to her face and white dots to her eyes. These are in the cut file Florida sides of box.

Now after all pieces are on the sides use red tape or another strong adhesive and apply to the 1/2" side of the 2 pieces of card stock. Turn both pieces over and adhere one to the edge of the other and then again to create a box. I show you how in video. Then add tissue box and lid. These are great for all the holidays or get well or just to personalize for anyone.

Here is the video for tissue box, and the next one is just for the island.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Extreme Font Contest week 2

This week the Cricut contest is for Extreme Font using the Big League Font. I decided to make a new sign for my craft room. I did this in CCR and just rotated the letters around a circle and then added the layers, it did take quite some time to get it right with the layers. I have the cut file for you to use, this font is only available until Jan 30th in CCR until it is released for sale. I also used cartridge Cricut Everyday, I used that for the little cricut guy, if you do not own that cartridge just take him and the eyes on the 3rd layer off and leave that blank or add any character or critter to your sign.

Here is the cut file.  This is the Base layer cut on 12x12 paper.
I also used the Cuttlebug on the purple circle with a star folder, because Cricut is the star of my craft room.  I cut 2 sets of eyes and popped up the second set and his whole head is popped up.

The video below shows me putting the layer on and finishing the sign.

Don't for get to vote on your favorite Teddy Bear! Click Here!!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Welding Shadows in CCR

 12 hours left til voting starts on Teddy Bear Parade! Click here!

Here is another Cricut Craft Room Tutorial video. Alice Brown asked me a question, on the video I posted yesterday. I don't believe anyone is alone in questions so if one person is asking others would like to know too. So I made a video based on this question.
"Thank you sooo much for this video, I am new to the craftroom!! I do have a ?... how do you make a shadow for welded images/ fonts that have and don't have the shadow feature. Any help is greatly appreciated!!"

So this video answers her question, I hope. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

CCR Tutorial

Over on the Cricut Message Boards someone asked about linking cartridges so I thought I would make a video because there are so many new CCR users and new Cricut owners. If you have more questions remember you are not the only one who wants to know so do not be afraid to ask, just leave a question in the comments.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

My New Craft Room Friend

 Only 2 days left to enter Teddy Bear contest click here to find it

I got a Betta fish for my craft room. I love this tank because I can change the paper so easy and create my own back ground and I want to create little characters with my cricut for the background. I have an extra purple cricut guy so I rinsed him off added him to the tank to keep the fish company. 

 My Betta is a Half Moon Betta fish. I just went for the prettiest fish I could find.

The tank is a Marina Flower Design Betta kit and comes with water conditioner and flakes. The people at Pet Smart suggested I use pellets for food instead of flakes to keep the water cleaner. They only need about 3 pellets every other day. I added a heater made by Marina because the poor little fish would freeze in my house. I have a link to the tank and heater below. 

I used water they had bottled called Betta water so I did not have to worry about the water condition but 1 bottle was not enough so I did add water after I conditioned it. So I suggest 2 bottles if you go that route.
I have a video below showing the unboxing of tank and putting it together. 

I think I may name him Crafty, but am taking suggestions. Leave me a comment if you know a good name.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Extreme Fonts- week1 Contest.

 Only 3 days left to enter Teddy Bear contest click here to find it.

Ok so I entered the contest at Cricut.com for the Extreme Font contest. They gave us a free font for the week and it is our job to use it and post in the Project Center over at Cricut.com Here is a link to my project.

I decided to do something very simple, something I could leave up all year. So I painted a 16x20 canvas and put the word Love on it. That's it, pretty easy! Was not as easy as I thought but not too bad. I used contact paper for the word, a faux leather contact paper.
I welded the letters together in CCR and used my 12x24 mat and then rotated the word so I could make it as big as possible, I think it is 11.5"x 18" I have the cut file here.

In the video I show painting the canvas, using CCR, and taking the word off mat and on to the canvas.

Here is the video!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tag for Baby Boy Gift Basket

Only 4 days left to enter Teddy Bear contest click here to find it.

One of my hair clients, I think I have been doing her hair once a week for 18 years, showing my age. She is very special to me, I show her some things I made and she has asked me to make a gift basket with a tag inside the book. The shower invitation said please no cards, give a book instead. So she asked if I could make something special inside the book that said from Nana. So I made just a little something in the book, I did not want to put something in the book the baby could pick on and get in his mouth so I thought I had to go simple, but I did not want simple so I also made a tag for the outside of the gift basket and I turned that tag into a card, ignoring the request for no cards, but he got a book too.

Here is the simple tag on the inside of the book. I just cut out to of the same tag from Art Philosophy, one half inch smaller than the other. From the meow cartrige I found a paw, actually it had 3 paws in circles and I just used the hide contour feature in CCR to get one paw and placed it inside the top tag, so it cut it out. I then cut out From Nana, I think from George and Basic Shapes Cricut cartridge. I inked the edges and used my ATG to adhere it to the book.

 This is for the tag on the outside of gift basket. I created everything in Cricut Craft Room, you can download the file here and open in CCR. I join things close together that will be on the same color of paper.
This is how I placed the paper on my mat.

 I flocked the teddy bear with blue flocking to match the bear in the basket. I used paper that says It's a Boy and adhered it to ribbon, I show you how to do that in the first video below. I added a premade bow with a pearl in it and added pearls to handle of tag. I stamped a smaller tag with New Baby and added blue rhinstones and popped up the small tag and bear on foam squares. I adhered it all to a chipboard tag from the Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge, you can order that here.

Complete directions and mistakes are in the video below.
This is the inside of card.



Monday, January 21, 2013

Free Cuts til 1/31/13

http://www.facebook.com/OfficialCricut Cricut got 100,000 likes on facebook and is giving us all a gift for it!!!
Open your Cricut Craft Room and you will see for free until 1/31/13 you can use Easter 2010, When it's Cold Outside, and April Showers. So get busy cutting only 10 days to cut it for free.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


I got my CTMH (Close To My Heart) order with a few goodies to show you what's coming up.

I get my CTMH products from www.CarolHoron.CTMH.com She has a special Mystery Hostess, you join the Mystery Hostess and you could possible win $25 in Hostess Rewards for the month, she draws a winner every month.
You can also check out her blog at carol-scrappininparadise.blogspot.com

In the video I show you some new papers and the new Idea Book!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Shopping Haul

Looking for the Teddy Bear Parade Contest?  Click here!

This time there is a free cartridge from cricut.com rewards and a pink circle charm for a circle braclet. And a little Haul of sale stuff from CricutMachine.com

The first video shows everything I got and the second just shows the handbooks on the 3 cartridges I got.

There is a CTMH Haul coming up next!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cut it FREE!

Extreme Fonts...we only get 1 free font a week for 3 weeks. But there is also a contest! So make a project and enter the contest. Here are the Official Rules. There will be 5 prize winners each week, one in each of the four categories and then one Grand Prize! Categories are Kitchen, Family Room, Kids Room, and Paper Craft for the first week.

how to participate

Design a project with the featured font of the week from the new Extreme Fonts cartridge.
Submit your project on Cricut Project Center™. Be sure to include instructions and select Extreme Fonts.
Watch for winners to be announced on The Official Cricut® Facebook page and Cricut.com on 2/15.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

New Cartridge Coming Soon

Outdoor Man

The Outdoor Man cartridge lets you answer the call of the wild. The cartridge features outdoor scenes including wildlife, hunting, fishing, and camping images. Plus, the main images have been designed to look great as a time-saving single layer or as a more detailed version using multiple layers. Layered phrases and a full font are also included. Use the latest Cricut® cartridges to create personalized designs for your home and gifts for friends and family. 
Use with all Cricut® machines
Features camping, hunting, fishing, and hiking scenes
Includes related phrases and a full font
Ideal for creating cards, home d├ęcor, scrapbook layouts, and other projects

Monday, January 14, 2013

Valentine Love Banner

If you are looking for the Teddy Bear Challenge click here.

I made this banner using the CTMH Cricut Art Philosophy cartridge I got from www.CarolHorton.CTMH.com I  used some chip board that came with the cartridge. I have never used chip board before but I love it with this, it will last a long time. I made a video but also took pictures as I went this time. 
You can download the cut file for CCR here. You have to upload this to CCR to see it. You have to own the Art Philosophy cartridge to use it.

I cut everything out in CCR at 2 inches except the letters. 2" will make it fit the chipboard.

First step after it is all cut, adhere this piece to the chipboard. I used my X for these pieces.

2nd I put all of the small top pieces in the Hearts Cuttlebug folder from The Paper Studio thru the Cuttlebug, all at the same time.
3rd I then put these pieces together with my ATG.

4th add glue to the top of the back of the letter only. Then stick it on.

5th Add pop ups or foam squares or anything that will make it dimensional, then stick on to the original banner piece.

6th Run ribbon thru the holes to string them together and then embellish more if you like.

Here is the video.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Naked Teddy Bear Parade Contest

It's Finally here The Teddy Bear Parade, The Naked Teddy Bear Parade, because these bears are not wearing any clothing. I made 52 bears and they are all different, I did this just to show you all the different things you can do with the bears. They are cute with out the clothing but if I want I can make clothing then pick a bear to put an outfit on, and then put on a card or a project. To see all the post and videos you can look under Labels to the left and click on Teddy Bear Parade.There are cutfiles for CCR there too. I posted a video below showing all my bears.

All my Teddy Bears are made at 3 inches, I used glitter glue, flocking powder, cuttlebug, rhinstones, brads, tinsel glitter, glitter, pearls and much more.

Now it's your turn!
Link up a picture of a Teddy Bear you made or make one just for this contest. It can be an old one or new one. Clothing optional!

 The Contest starts NOW! The voting will begin January 27th at 12:00am voting ends February 3rd at 12:00 am. The names will not be displayed under each bear but you are welcome to post a picture of your on your blog or facebook or where ever and ask your friends to vote with a link to this post.

Here is the prize a set of Tinsel Glitter from Martha Stewart and a set of extra fine Glitter in silvers, golds, browns and bronze glitters from Recollections These 2 sets are great for the bears, I have a set of each and have used on the bears. I will ship to inside the USA 48 states and Canada, if you are outside this area we can do shipping together.

To vote just click vote under the Teddy Bear you are voting for.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Teddy Bears in Oz Blog Hop

Welcome to the Teddy Bears in Oz Blog Hop 

You should have arrived here from I came, I saw, I created. We are featuring teddy bears created from the Cricut Lite cartridge Teddy Bear Parade dressed up as characters from the Wizard of Oz. If you are just joining us start your journey down the yellow brick road at Rockin Renee's blog; I came, I saw, I created.

This was so much fun, I was given Dorothy to do, I joined in late and had about 36 hours notice. I work well under pressure. Our bears are were all created in CCR by RockinRenee but I altered mine just a little to add hair. I'm a hairstylist in real life so I had to have a Dorothy with hair and pretty bows. I used hair from Paper Dolls for Everyday and stretched it to fit, and then I gave her a hair cut. Dorothy's hair is not so think and she doesn't like bangs so I cut them off. I also colored her hair with 3 colors of markers, red, orange and brown. I also did not have Paper Pups cartridge where she had found a Toto so I used a dog from Animal Kingdom.

 You can down load the entire Cutfile for all the characters on RockinRenee's blog.Here is a Dorothy that RockinRenee made with the cut file on her blog.

 I have made a cutfile for the Dorothy that I made and you can download it from here.

I still can't decide on if I like her with hair or with out. I'm a hair stylist so I always look at the hair.

I created a video to show you how I made her. You may want to finish the blog hop before you watch it.

Thanks so much for joining us! Come back to this blog on Saturday, I am having a Teddy Bear Parade Contest you can link your paper Teddy Bears, new or old to enter the contest, great prizes to be given away.

Your next stop on the yellow brick road is to Stamp, Cut, Create!

See you back tomorrow for more Bears!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cut the whole cartridge for FREE

Time for cut it FREE! This week until January 16th you can cut Spring Holiday Cards Seasonal cartridge. There are a lot of great things on there, now is the time to cut them out and save for when you need them. Here is the trifold. You bcan cut out envelopes and card boxes and more. I will do some as soon as I have time. You just go to CCR and it is in your account until January 16th.

Log into Cricut Craft Room® design software this week and you can design and cut with the Banners digital images. Look for it in the “My Cartridges” section in your Cricut Craft Room® design software.
Celebrate the spring holidays — Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter — with the Spring Holidays Cards Seasonal cartridge. The cartridge contains images to create cards, envelopes, and boxes. You can also mix and match card fronts with backgrounds for even more festive options.

  • Use with all Cricut® machines
  • Includes cuts for 30 spring themed cards
  • Includes cuts for envelopes and boxes
  • Features cuts for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter

Don't forget to come back Friday to see the Wizard of Oz Teddy Bear Blog Hop!

Michaels Shopping Haul Again

Yes, another one, but I got such great deals there was a tower of things for 25 cents, what was I suppose to do? There is paper in the haul too. Someone just smack me please. Lots of goodies!

I have to announce I was going to do a teddy bear parade Friday with a contest and give away!! Plans change I am now in a Teddy Bear Blog Hop for Wizard of OZ, we are each making a character from the Wizard of OZ! So make sure you come check that out Friday and then back Saturday for the Teddy Bear Parade.