Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ducky's Craftastic Show

Merry Christmas Everyone! I have been away for a while, my house was burglarized and they took my laptop and video camera that I use for my blog. With the help of some friends and followers and a new Best Buy credit card I was able to get a laptop and video camera. So I will be here more often, I have also finished my craftroom from my move and love spending time in here.

I kinda missed doing Christmas crafts this year, with my move and everything I did not have time so I am going to get a jump start on next year. Over Christmas break my niece and nephew are planning on coming over to make Valentines for school, planning ahead this year.

Ok, now for the craft I have to share with you...My sister came over to pick something up and brought my niece, she wanted to make a card for her brother, a just because card, how could I say no to this beautiful 6 year old being so sweet. Her name is Madison but we call her Ducky. She wanted to show how she was doing everything even tho this was her first time making a card like this. Her brother plays soccor so she picked out the Soccor player from All Sports Cricut cartridge, that I just bought on Black Friday for only $19.99. The soccor player she picked out looks a lot like her brother in some pictures that were taken of him earlier this year.

Ducky picked out all the paper and I helped put the soccer player together but she put the card together. You can not see it, but the soccer ball is on a spring to make it pop out. I show how we did that in the first video and then she shows how to do everything else, she also makes my sister and I laugh, not just 1 giggle we were trying not to laugh but she was so funny, I lol everytime I see it, so watch her video even if you are not interested in the card, she is so funny!!!

This first video is short and just showing you the soccer player we made with the wobble.

This video is so funny just to watch the girl even if you don't want to see the card. I laughed so hard.