Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Craft Room Exclusives

Hey Everyone, I am sorry I have not updated, I have been working a lot, well... not all work...just been hanging out at work some too. We have had some new people take over the salon I work in and they are so much fun, I have even gone in on my day off to go out to lunch and hang out. There is a lot of fun pranking going on, so if you ever see anything on my facebook that doesn't look like I said it I probably did not. They have a bad habit of stealing our phones and updating our facebook status for us. And when I say "they" I mean everyone that works in the salon. It an be fun as long as people don't think I am writing it all. My BF has been confused at times. One time they updated my facebook status to this..."I am done with crafting and am finally going to do something with my life...I am becoming a Jello wrestler and you can see me at the Fairgrounds every Saturday night from 9-10. My wrestler name is Ivanna Humpalot... bring your dollar bills boooyyys." Thank God I have a friend that saw that and called to tell me right away, Thanks Marla my facebook hacker checker. She is doing a wonderful job, so good my coworkers tell me she is on facebook too much, she calls me instantly when I am hacked so I can either delete or say I was hacked. Just so you know if you can get on facebook on your phone then so can your friends. If you see something strange on my facebook just know I did not put it there. It is a fun prank, I am very good at taking phones from other people too. It's all fun and we all love each other. I just have to say I'm sorry to Phylicia, she does wear her underwear to work everyday...well I think she does, I have not checked. I am the one that said she forgot to wear it today.
Ok now on the reason you are all here.
Independence Day 3-D Projects