Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tissue Box cover part 1 - Salon Logo

I am making a tissue box cover from the book Cricut Expression, I have a link below if you are interested in this book. This will be in a 3 part series, part 2 will be on Thursday and the finished project will be on Friday.

I am making this for the salon I work in and wanted to include the logo on one side of the box. To make this logo I cut 3 circles of different sizes in CCR I'm not sure of the sizes, I knew what size the largest one could be and then just shrunk the others down til I was happy with them, that is one thing I love about CCR you don't have to measure you can see what it all looks like on the mat. If you are interested I can share the cut file for this part. I will share the tissue box file on Friday. I inked the edges of the yellow circle with orange and the orange circle with red. The font I used was Jubilee and I shortened them a little in CCR. To take the letters off the mat I used Duck tape, that's what I said, Duck tape , actually zebra print but that doesn't matter. I did this because the letters were NOT welded together but I wanted them all straight just as I had them in CCR. Directions are in the video. The white paper in glitter paper from Joanns and then I also added stickles to make them stand out more but you won't see that picture yet.


 Don't for get to come back Thursday to see the other sides of the box and then Friday to see it all. I love how it turned out and now I want to make more.