Monday, May 21, 2012

Shopping Haul

My shopping hauls have slowed down, Thank God! I need to use more before I buy more I don't want to end up the TV show hording even if it would be just my craft room that is over flowing, I can walk in my craft room with out stepping on things, well maybe I should straighten up and put a few things away before I can honestly say that. 

ok Here are the Zebra Rhinstones I bought at Hobby Lobby at 50% Off Thanks to on the Cricut Message Board she shared these rhinestones with me because she said they reminded her of my blog. So I had no choice but to run out and get them, my first trip I could not find them, but then the second trip I also gave up and then as I was starting to leave my favorite section of the store I saw them on the side of an end cap. I grabbed them and walked to register with my 40% off coupon on mt phone and when I went to pay they said they were 50% off. If I would have known about the 50% off I would have bought more, but if you read my first paragraph above you know I don't need them till I use these.

Now here is the video that will show you the Peachy Keen Stamps and the rest of my haul.