Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cricut Sale


Elmo and Friends Holiday!  This is such a cute card and is only $19.95 at even if you don't like Sesame Street the phrases on this cart are great! and you get a couple for every major Holiday. I already have this one and paid much more.
County Fair is also only $19.95 I ordered this one. Can't wait to get it.

Want more even cheaper? Click here for the seasonal carts! Most are on sale for $16.99

Ok just after I posted this I got an email from cricut telling me about these deals. along with some Mothers Day digital carts from the past few years, for only $1499 and as a Circle member it was only $13.49.  So, I confess I bought Mother's Day 2010 -Digital I actually bought so many carts today I have to go check and see what I bought.