Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

I just want to wish my mom a Happy Mother's Day. She is a wonderful Mother and my best friend. She has been a great teacher for me in life and I want everyone to know how grateful I am for her. She is also so Beautiful, I'm going to tell you her age , 63, because you will not believe it, and no she has never had any work done. And this is her natural hair color except for the purple. Yes, my mom has some purple hair, where do you think I got all my creativity from? In this picture I'm not sure you can really see, but it really is purple. She asked me to make it purple and the first time I made it a red/violet and she said I want it really purple, I couldn't believe my ears, "you really want it purple/purple?" I said. So she has worn it this way I think it's been almost a year. You would not believe the compliments she gets on her hair from people of all ages. I'm glad everywhere she goes she hears something nice about herself.
Happy Mother's Day Mom!