Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cricut Expression Book review

I got the book!
I love the book, I just wished I had this from the beginning of my cricuting. It has detailed instruction on everything. There is also a ton if inspiration in the book. A Cricut machine is not just for scrapbooking, as you know I do not scrapbook I do so much more with it. The pages in the book are so colorful and I love the paper it is printed on.
I ordered mine from Amazon, I love Amazon, I am not reader, I don't read for fun and I have never ordered a book from Amazon. My boyfriend reads a lot, he now gets most of his books in didgital form. when I ordered this book I was bragging to him about buying a book from Amazon, he said "What is it? a Cricut book?" Ha Ha how did he guess that?
Well anyway, I made a video to show you the inside of the book and what it contains. So Enjoy!