Friday, May 25, 2012

3 More Cricuts

I just got 3 more Cricuts today, they were actually delivered to my house after 8:30 pm can you believe Fed Ex man was working that late, poor guy. 
Well any way I did an unboxing video with my cricuts, I did this because you can not choose the color of Cricut you want, it is random, I have not had a problem selling the extras I have and was thinking maybe I should collect an extra set of each color. ok I will show you what I got below my video. If you want to watch the video with anticipation and not know, do not scroll down yet, just click on video, but if you want to find out now scroll down.

Ok  scroll down to see what I got.

Just a little further...


Purple Triplets I am really sorry but I will have to split these guys up, Green Cricut doesn't like to much of the same color around he is afraid they will gang up on him.
 Here they are showing front, back and side.