Thursday, May 31, 2012

Baby Shower

As a Design Team member for Exploring Cricut, it is my turn to do a daily project. I made this for a girl I work with at the salon. She is having a girl and her shower is on Sunday. 

I used the Everyday Pop Up cards Cricut Cartridge. The Bundle of Joy and the girl both came from this cartridge.

She and I love zebra print so I made a zebra print dress for the pregnant girl on my card. I put a pop up only under her belly and used my ATG on the rest of her so only her belly would stick up. I also added pink ribbon and zebra rhinestones I got at Hobby Lobby (you can see those in one of my shopping haul videos).

The card is 8.5" x 5.5" I added a layer of pink card stock and then paper that says Baby Girl with hearts, I inked the edges of the paper. I added highlights to the girls hair and raindrops on the umbrella with a Martha Stewart Glitter pens. I think the best part is putting the pop up adhesive under the belly only, she might say she looks fat but it is so cute. I also used the pop up adhesive under the Bundle of Joy.
I used this Recollections Paper for the dress and part of Bundle of Joy. This is a stack I bould from Michaels and is only 4.5 x 6.5" I really like the small pack because the print is smaller. Too big of zebra would not look like zebra.

I did not make a video. If you have questions let me know. If you want the cut file I will also share that too just ask.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Update your E2

Time to update your expression 2 if you have one. I went to Cricut sync and that also updated. Here is a link if you do not have Cricut Sync. The update took me about 45 minutes so maybe you could clean your craft space while it is updating, we all know it could use it. There is also an update to the Gypsy I did that too.
There are some really cool things added to the E2, there are new buttons but they are grayed out meaning they are not operational yet.

This first video shows the updating and looking at the new things. The next video shows some of the new features and I go through all the button.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Out of Character

I received the New Cricut Circle Cartridge Out of Character. I wanted to share it with you because some Circlettes sell there carts on ebay, if you wanted a chance to buy it. 
So I made a video below showing you the hand book. I made this video after midnight and the words are kinda hard to read and one of them says baby and I said it says Happy, I don't know how I got that one wrong, but I was tired so please forgive me.

I just had to share this photo of the Travelocity Gnome hanging with the Cricuts and wear Cricut Circle bling necklace.

Now on to the video of the cartridge.

3 More Cricuts

I just got 3 more Cricuts today, they were actually delivered to my house after 8:30 pm can you believe Fed Ex man was working that late, poor guy. 
Well any way I did an unboxing video with my cricuts, I did this because you can not choose the color of Cricut you want, it is random, I have not had a problem selling the extras I have and was thinking maybe I should collect an extra set of each color. ok I will show you what I got below my video. If you want to watch the video with anticipation and not know, do not scroll down yet, just click on video, but if you want to find out now scroll down.

Ok  scroll down to see what I got.

Just a little further...


Purple Triplets I am really sorry but I will have to split these guys up, Green Cricut doesn't like to much of the same color around he is afraid they will gang up on him.
 Here they are showing front, back and side.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Show me your Cricut Craft

Hi Everyone!

I just want you to all share your Cricut craft with me. It can be anything as long as it has a Cricut cut on it of some kind. This is your time to show off what you have done. you don't have to have a blog, I can use a photo from other websites such as photobucket.

I am going to be crafting something today and need inspiration from you, looking forward to what you share. 

The Rules:
  1.  Follow my blog 
  2.  Your project must have a Cricut Cut on in. 
  3.  You can submit one project a day. different day different project.
  4.  Instead of "Name" below in the inlinks. Post the name of a Cricut cartridge you used for the project if you used more than 1 just put 1.

The collection will close at the end of the month. There is no prize but you can vote on which one you like best, voting starts on the 28th.  This is just for fun so enjoy and visit others for inspiration.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Shopping Haul

My shopping hauls have slowed down, Thank God! I need to use more before I buy more I don't want to end up the TV show hording even if it would be just my craft room that is over flowing, I can walk in my craft room with out stepping on things, well maybe I should straighten up and put a few things away before I can honestly say that. 

ok Here are the Zebra Rhinstones I bought at Hobby Lobby at 50% Off Thanks to on the Cricut Message Board she shared these rhinestones with me because she said they reminded her of my blog. So I had no choice but to run out and get them, my first trip I could not find them, but then the second trip I also gave up and then as I was starting to leave my favorite section of the store I saw them on the side of an end cap. I grabbed them and walked to register with my 40% off coupon on mt phone and when I went to pay they said they were 50% off. If I would have known about the 50% off I would have bought more, but if you read my first paragraph above you know I don't need them till I use these.

Now here is the video that will show you the Peachy Keen Stamps and the rest of my haul.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Challenge at Exploring Cricut

This week you may win a Cricut Summer Summer Bliss Seasonal cartridge from Exploring Cricut.
This cartridge is no longer available at so here is your chance to get is FREE.

This challenge is to use a Cricut cartridge you have not used or used very often, I have only used this this cartridge once and I wanted to make a sewing machine because I have a friend turning 70 and she has sewn most of her life and she does so much for everyone and so I thought this card would be perfect for her. 

I used Cricut cartridge Everyday Pop-up, I did not make it a pop up card I just made the sewing machine on the out side and then on the inside it says "Happy Birthday to someone who does Sew Much" I added real thread to the paper spool on the sewing machine. I also added thread under the needle.
Here is the CCR cut file.

Here is the video with complete instructions.

Mothers Day Blog Hop Winner Announced

We have a winner! I did not make a video with this winner because I am editing a video for Monday and have to make a few shopping haul videos that will be coming soon, so come back everyday. Ok now what you have been waiting for. Here is the big winner! Wait for it...

Beautiful card, I am now your newest follower!

Melissa from Has won! You get buttons, flower brads like what I used in my project, minisquare brads, small multi-colored eyelets,large multi-colored eyelets and multi-colored gems.

Thank You all for following me and commenting me, I really appreciate comments. It keeps me going.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Purple End Caps

I bought new end caps for my Cricut Expression 2 When I bought them they were on sale for $19.99 now they are on sale for $18.74 the pink ones and purple ones. Maybe I should buy the pink ones too. I do love change.
It was not that hard to change them but you do need a phillips screw driver. I did not screw them back in after I put them on because they fit on so tight there really is no need for the screws so I said "screw it", no screws. It really is a beautiful color of purple. but I would really like if they made Zebra Print end caps. Maybe I could cover mine in zebra contacts paper? 

Ok watch me change my cricuts color in the video. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tissue Box Finished

 Hi Everyone as a Member of the Design Team For Exploring Cricut it is my day to show off a great project.

Welcome back everyone have you seen the first 2 posts of the tissue box cover? If you want to see those you can click here for part 1 and here for part 2.

I did not create this project of a tissue box cover, it came from this book Cricut Expression I bought the book and fell in love with the projects and wanted to share it so I made a video telling you what's in it so here is my blog post about the book in case you missed it.

Ok so here is the cut file for CCR You do not need any cartridge for this I used Cricut Craft Room Basics ( a free Cartridge) to make this box cover and lid. There are 2 mat layers you need to cut twice and I labeled the layers as solid and pattern and if you cut 2 and then the lid is labeled as lid. If you have questions feel free to ask in comments. I will also make more so if I don't explain it well I will next time.

 Here are the pictures and the video below you will see how I made the box and lid.

The directions are in the video.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tissue Box part 2 Girls makeup Party

Hi Everyone,I am making a tissue box cover from the book Cricut Expression, I have a link below if you are interested in this book. This will be in a 3 part series, this is part 2 and the finished project will be on Friday.

Now I have the sides done to my tissue box cover. I have so many ideas for more I am so excited about it. I made this for the salon I work in and this would also be great for a girls room or bathroom, or a dressing room. I showed the first side yesterday here is the link if you missed it. For these 3 sides I used Girls Make Up Party Cricut cartridge, I used the curling iron and the hair dryer and the lip gloss. Here is the cut file for the 3 images on the sides from Girl's Make up Party.
 I added lips to this and also added Glossy accents to the lips, and tip of gloss applicator you will see the final picture Friday.
 I added a little black Stickles to this one, you will see it all Friday.
I thought I made this a little small so I added swirls of Stickles to this around the curling iron. You will see the final project of Friday.

I am so sorry for making you wait, but I wanted to show everything and it would be too much for one day. Can you imagine how long the video would be?   You don't have that much time do you? So a little each day and then you have something to look forward to.
Don't forget the video below.

Please come back Friday and don't forget to subscribe there will be lots more coming soon.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tissue Box cover part 1 - Salon Logo

I am making a tissue box cover from the book Cricut Expression, I have a link below if you are interested in this book. This will be in a 3 part series, part 2 will be on Thursday and the finished project will be on Friday.

I am making this for the salon I work in and wanted to include the logo on one side of the box. To make this logo I cut 3 circles of different sizes in CCR I'm not sure of the sizes, I knew what size the largest one could be and then just shrunk the others down til I was happy with them, that is one thing I love about CCR you don't have to measure you can see what it all looks like on the mat. If you are interested I can share the cut file for this part. I will share the tissue box file on Friday. I inked the edges of the yellow circle with orange and the orange circle with red. The font I used was Jubilee and I shortened them a little in CCR. To take the letters off the mat I used Duck tape, that's what I said, Duck tape , actually zebra print but that doesn't matter. I did this because the letters were NOT welded together but I wanted them all straight just as I had them in CCR. Directions are in the video. The white paper in glitter paper from Joanns and then I also added stickles to make them stand out more but you won't see that picture yet.


 Don't for get to come back Thursday to see the other sides of the box and then Friday to see it all. I love how it turned out and now I want to make more.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Cricut Cartridge Storage

I was asked to make another video on how I store my carts. So this is an updated version. But first I want to tell you I have a really cool project coming up, I am splitting it up into three days. I will post it Wednesday, Thursday and finished project on Friday for my day at Exploring Cricut. I am so excited about this project I love it and want to make more fr every season and Holiday, and maybe for different rooms in the house. I have lots of ideas for more so watch out. This is also a very useful project. Cricut is not just for scrapbooking.

Ok so here is my storage, you may have seen these pictures before but I did just make a new video.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

I just want to wish my mom a Happy Mother's Day. She is a wonderful Mother and my best friend. She has been a great teacher for me in life and I want everyone to know how grateful I am for her. She is also so Beautiful, I'm going to tell you her age , 63, because you will not believe it, and no she has never had any work done. And this is her natural hair color except for the purple. Yes, my mom has some purple hair, where do you think I got all my creativity from? In this picture I'm not sure you can really see, but it really is purple. She asked me to make it purple and the first time I made it a red/violet and she said I want it really purple, I couldn't believe my ears, "you really want it purple/purple?" I said. So she has worn it this way I think it's been almost a year. You would not believe the compliments she gets on her hair from people of all ages. I'm glad everywhere she goes she hears something nice about herself.
Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cricut cartridge Haul

If you missed the Mother's Day blog Hop and want to have a chance to win a Cricut Cartridge click here.

I got a cartridge Haul too many deals for me I could not pass up. In addition to the ones in the video I als got Happy Graduation on sale for $16.99 but I used my cicle discount and got 10% off. and Tags, Bags, Boxes and More 1 digital was only $19.99 with my discount it was $17.00.
Here is my Cricut Haul video, I show you the hand books of each cartridge at the end.

Lightning Deal Hurry.

I just wanted to share what I just bought on Amazon. It is a lighting deal so you have to act fast the price is only good until 10am central time.  I got it for $12.99 it is normally $19.99 Amazon Price $16.99 so if you miss the lightening deal it is still a good price. You can read the reviews it has 114 reviews and 5 stars. You can also see pictures from people who have purchased this item on the link. I wanted it for cupcakes but love the fruit on it too. You do not have to use all 4 tiers this picture of the fruit only have 3.

Here is something to carry your cupcakes in. I really need this so when I get to my destination with cupcakes they are not a mess. They have a pink one on this link at a cheaper price.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Blog Hop!

It's finally here. I am so excited to be a part of this wonderful team of talented crafters. Hopefully you have visited everyone on the Blog Hop, I am the last stop. If you just came here and did not see the others, please go back to the top of  list below and catch everyone, there is blog candy along the way. Don't miss it! Don't miss the Blog Candy below!

I did a card for Mother's Day.

 The flowers are from the Flower Shoppe cartridge, I used American Alphebet that came with my AE2 and welded the letters together in CCR. I used blue metal and embossed it in the cuttlebug. I added rhinestones to the flower brads I used, these brads are also in my blog candy below. I used glitter ribbon and finished it off with lavender stickles.

I have also posted a video below.

Here is my blog Candy! to win just comment below and be a follower to my blog. I will use to choose a winner. You have until Saturday the 19th, Yes I am giving you a week just incase you missed it.

Now here is what you may win! Cricut Lite cartridge Meow, if you have it already it will make a great gift or RAK or candy on your blog. Along with the cartridge I got together some things from my stash and am sharing them with you. You get buttons, flower brads like what I used in my project, mini square brads, small multi-colored eyelets,large multi-colored eyelets and multi-colored gems.

In this video I show you what is on the Meow cart and the rest of the Blog Candy along with a small shopping haul.

Thanks for joining  me in Pink E's first ever Blog Hop!
Here is everyone on the list. Please go back if you missed anyone. I'm not the only one with blog candy!

1.  PinkE: Creations By PinkE @

2. Jessica: Creations By Rosie @
3.  Tangee: Kricut Krazy @

4. Lorraine: Card Creations by Lorraine @
5. GiGi: Creations By Beulah @

6. Melissa: Stampin Voila @
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Stamp Sale

Peechy Keen stamps are on sale at Joanns this week! only $14.99 normally $24.99 here is the link to Pecchy Keen stamps. All stamps are on sale at 40% off this week. Here is a code to get FREE shipping for any purchase over $40. bty133 I just bought 3 sets.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Blog Candy and Shopping Haul

Hi Everyone, first I want to tell you about the Mothers Day blog hop tomorrow Friday May11,2012. It is really going to be a good one and you can get blog candy from me and some of the others in the hop. I will be givng away a Cricut Cartridge and more, if you want to see a sneek peek of the candy watch the video below. The Hop is hosted by *PinkE: Creations By PinkE @ this is where the hop will start. There is a lot of great talent on the hop, so check it out Friday.
I also wanted to share my Cricut Circle calling cards. These are cards you swap at crops or circle meetups. I don't have any planned but wanted to be ready. The cards are useally 3x3" so here are some pictures of mine on the back it will have my blog address, email, house address and cell number. I could not decide on what embossing folder to use so I did different ones. What do you think?

Ok now on to the shopping haul! Oh Wait!! I just got an email from Cricut.
do you know what these are??
They are on sale so I jumped right over to and bought new purple end caps for my AE2. I have wanted them from the first day they came out but waited for a sale. Woohoo I'm so excited! they are on sale for $19.99 and with being a Circle annual member I get them for $17.99 and free shipping. 
Here is the link to the page if you are interested.
In the email they also say the Tag Bags, Boxes and More 1 Digital cart is on sale for $19.99 so I looked for that and found it is not marked on sale, but as soon as they fix this I will buy it. Here is a link to that just incase they fix it.

Ok here is the video with the Blog Candy and Shopping Haul. Check back in a few days I have a Big Cricut Cartridge shopping haul coming.