Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What's the difference in the cartridges?

I was skimming the Cricut message board and came across someone new to Cricut asking about what cartridges you can use with the Expression 2, so I thought I would give a quick answer. When I opened up the topic, Scrapalette had already answered with the most wonderful answer filled with all this info about the carts that I did not know, so I thought some of you might also be interested too.

There are two different categories of Cricut carts. . .the ones that have the larger base {regular, legacy} and will fit cart port on the Cricut Personal, Expression, Create, Cake, Mini. And carts that have a smaller base {Imagine} and will only fit in the ports on the Imagine and E2 {those two machines have 2 cart ports}. Since the E2 doesn't have the print capability that the Imagine does, it can't use the Imagine pattern carts.

Within the category, there are different styles of carts:

The regular Cricut carts contain 6 full Creative Features and can hold up to 700 images. These carts come in the storage box and have a spiral bound handbook showing all the images.

Lite carts have one Creative Feature key for layers and have 50 base images, some with additional layer options using other keys. These carts come in a plastic storage box and have a tri-fold pamphlet showing the images.

Solution carts contain 2 Feature keys (usually a Shadow and a Blackout), one layer option and hold 50 images (not counting shadow, blackout or layers). These carts (initially) had no storage box and all the images are shown of the cardboard packing.

Seasonal carts have no Creative Features but some images have layers or shadows that are on the Character keys and hold 30 images and are usually a limited edition and centered around a theme. These carts have no storage box and all the images are shown on the cardboard packaging.

Project and Event carts have fewer images than full carts, images centered around a theme but these not limited edition releases. These carts have a plastic storage box and a modified (because there aren't as many images), non-spiral bound handbook. 

Cake carts are really full carts just with images geared toward cake decorating but they can also be used with papercrafting.

Then, there are the two categories of Imagine carts: one that is images and patterns (Art) or just patterns/colors (Colors and Patterns). 

Digital carts for use with CCR or a Gypsy.