Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Diamond Plated Embossing Toilet Paper

Okay, I have to start with, this is not my idea. Here is a link to the Cricut Message board post that started it all.   I would like to blame JudiLoves2Cricut and KnitWitRosie. I get blamed for enabling shopping for crafts so now I blame this toilet paper embossing craziness on them, only fare right? KnitWitRosie did suggest I make a video about it, and since I could not stop thinking about it I thought if I was ever going to get some sleep tonight I better make this video so I can relax and stop thinking about it.

See I did it!
The paper was much prettier before I started, embossed with butterflies. So  did this for the men in my life, they don't want Butterflies on their butts, they want MAN toilet paper so I used Diamond plate, but there are several you could choose to go with the decor of any bathroom.

Make sure you watch the video. I show you how to do a whole roll with out breaking it. I just got you started I did not show the whole roll the video would be way way to long and I do have to sleep tonight. 
Enjoy! Leave me a comment!