Friday, March 30, 2012

Love my Peeps

I made a Peep Bunny and Jelly Bean Wreath today. I used an embroider hoop I got a Hobby Lobby with a coupon and ribbon I got 50% off, the peeps were at Walmart for $1 so I could not help myself I bought a package of each color. 

Here are the supplies I used. 

20 peeps, I used 5 of each color, purple, blue, yellow and pink. Green Glitter tulle from Hobby Lobby. 10 inch hoop. Jelly Beans, glue gun and 7/8" ribbon.

I show you how to do everything in the video, but I will tell you also. I wrapped the hoop tightly with the ribbon, totally covering it. Then I wrapped the hoop loosely with the tulle and bunched it up a little so it was not smooth. Then I glue the peeps starting at the top alternating colors but I also glued the Jelly Beans after each bunny so I did bunny then bean, bunny then bean.