Friday, March 23, 2012

Cupcake Maker

Hi Everyone! Okay, so my birthday is coming up and I love cupcakes and I saw this AWESOME Sunbeam mini cupcake maker on Amazon and could not pass it up. It is a Prime item so I get free shipping and received it in less than 36 hours. I LOVE Amazon!

So here is my review. I love it! It's so small it does not take up much room, it is non-stick and so easy to clean.I can not wait to make muffins and brownies and all the other ideas I am coming up with. I am going to try pancake mix and put a piece of sausage in it then add more mix. You could also make little omelet bites, you just spray cooking spray on it so nothing will stick. Oh and I will try cookie dough too. It's great not to have to heat up an oven in the summer.


I made a couple of videos one is me unboxing the cup cake maker and making the cupcakes you see to the left. The other is a shopping haul I did because I had no frosting. I am not a baker or a cook. I have never made anything from scratch and I was not going to start now, maybe later. I love watching cupcake wars, they have inspired me just to make them. I think the only thing in the video I teach you is that if I can do it, anyone can do it. My hands are still pink from the frosting. If you have made cupcakes a lot you may just laugh at me and that's great cause I love to make people smile, I was laughing too out of embarrassment.

This next video is the shopping haul video.