Friday, March 30, 2012

Love my Peeps

I made a Peep Bunny and Jelly Bean Wreath today. I used an embroider hoop I got a Hobby Lobby with a coupon and ribbon I got 50% off, the peeps were at Walmart for $1 so I could not help myself I bought a package of each color. 

Here are the supplies I used. 

20 peeps, I used 5 of each color, purple, blue, yellow and pink. Green Glitter tulle from Hobby Lobby. 10 inch hoop. Jelly Beans, glue gun and 7/8" ribbon.

I show you how to do everything in the video, but I will tell you also. I wrapped the hoop tightly with the ribbon, totally covering it. Then I wrapped the hoop loosely with the tulle and bunched it up a little so it was not smooth. Then I glue the peeps starting at the top alternating colors but I also glued the Jelly Beans after each bunny so I did bunny then bean, bunny then bean.

Cricut Mini Came in

Okay, I caved, I bought the Mini. When it first came out I did not need it. I have a machine that cuts 12 x12, so why would I need a mini? My AE2 is cutting way too slow, this happened after an update on Cricut craft room, I have been waiting for them to fix that but I am impatient. Everyone that has the Mini says if cuts nicer, faster and smoother and more quiet. You get a free cartridge, a $49.95 value and the Blade housing you get with it is $30 by it self so if you need those things there is $80 you might as well buy the Mini for $99 free 2 day shipping on Amazon, here is the link.

Here is a video of me unboxing , updating and using with the Gypsy. 

This video shows the Cricut Font and Basic Shapes cartridge.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ordered a Cricut Mini from HSN-Update

Look what I ordered! Cricut Mini!

HSN is having a special. $99.95 or 4 payments of $24.99 with $5 shipping.

You can watch HSN at 12am and 9 pm central time to see it. If it does not sell out by 9pm.
I'm so excited because my AE2 has been so slow and this is suppose to cut so fast. This will be my third Cricut machine but there are some of you out there that have 5 machines so I don't feel so bad. If any of you buy it let me know in the comments! I'm so excited!

I canceled my order on HSN.

 I ordered from Amazon for $99 and free 2 day shipping.
I will now get this on Thursday. No waiting and this is FREE shipping! Woo Hoo! you thought I was excited before!