Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Girls Birthday Party Game

My niece, Madison, I call her Maddie, just turned 6 and my sister came up with an idea for a game for Maddie's sleep over. My sister is smart she only allowed her to have 2 girls. Maddie loves Monster High Dolls, if you have never heard of them, don't feel bad I have not either but my sister was amazed when I did not know what she was talking about. If they don't sell them at Hobby Lobby, Micheals or Joanns, I probably have not seen them. Okay, back to the game, instead of doing the old pin the tail on the donkey, she wanted to do stick the lips on the Monster High girls, so she asked if I could make lips and of course I can with my cricut and the Indie Art cartridge has great lips. but I had to look up the dolls online to see what they looked like, I think my lips look pretty close to theirs, I welded the lips tops and bottoms together because the mouth is open on the lips from India Art, I did this in CCR, surprise, I have the cut file for you. With 3 girls I made 3 sets of 5 in 3 colors so you would know whos lips are whos on the wall. I used a pink pen and put a line to separate the lips, and put glue stick on the back and put them on freezer paper so they could take them off and stick to wall mural.

Here are the pictures.

 I love this one, this is the result.
My sister is going to be in big trouble in 10 years when this 6 year old turns 16.

My niece and nephew, he is 1 year older.