Monday, January 9, 2012

Girl Scout Cookie Sign

It's that time of year again, this is my niece's first year selling cookies, So I decided I would help. I made this sign to put in my salon so I don't ask my clients if they want to buy them, I don't want them to feel pressure to buy, so I will put the sign up and if they are interested, they will ask.

I used 4 cartridges, I used Jasmine for the font, Paper Doll Everyday for the girl and dress and shoes, Campin Critters for the sash with badges, Sweet Treats for the cookies, although the cut I used for the cookies is actually the center of a flower, not a cookie, but I think it looks like a cookie.

I made 2 videos to show you how to put this together, well I made one and split it cause it was too long. The first one is the girl and cookies being put together and part 2 is mostly in high speed of putting the pieces together onto the sign, good for beginners.