Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Girl Scout Party

I have not posted any thing latley because I have been getting ready to help at my nieces girl scout Christmas party. My sister told the leader I was a craft Queen, now I have to perform. So the last few day I am making some things so the girls ( starting at age 5) can make some Christmas cards. I will have some thing prepared, that is what I am doing now. I am going to teach them how to put a card together, I will have it all cut, and images together to save time. I will show how to use ribbon on the card and I will have the main image on pop up squares so they can just peel the back off and stick it on. I am also bringing my Cuttlebug and let them emboss the top layer to the card with it. I am also in charge of them making an ornament, with in the 1 hour and 30 min meeting while they also have time for games. Now do you see why I am preparing most of it?

I also plan on making some purses with the Forever Young cartridge and fill with goodies for each of the 17 girls, plus a few extra just in case. I put my sister in charge of the goodies.

So here is a picture of a few of the things I have ready, the wreaths are really pretty in person, so are the penguins, I can't capture the glitter.
And of course here is a short video.
 Here is the cut file for penguins.

Here is the cut file for wreaths.