Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gift Card Ornament

When I used to get money from Grandmas or my parents they would always have the envelope in the tree, I didn't mind I was happy to get money, but it made the tree ugly. So, I designed a gift card holder that is also an ornament to hang in the tree. I designed it using the Cricut Craft Room (CCR) and I used the Free cartridge so everyone can cut this for free. If you are unsure of how to download a file go here.  Here is the file I created using Cricut Craft Room Basics cartridge.

If you are unsure of how to put it together make sure you watch the videos.  The second video is part 1 and that is more of a tutorial for CCR using this cut file, when you cut with your cricut make sure you cut all layers at same time. The part 1 video will show you how if you don't know.


Watch the First video just to see the finished product, it is only 1 minute long, but you will see all the glitter, looks much better in video.