Monday, November 14, 2011

From the Official Cricut Facebook

At this time, cartridges that have been linked to a Gypsy cannot be directly linked to a account. We will soon announce how you will be able to transfer all the cartridges that are linked to your Gypsy to your account in one simple action.
When you purchase a digital cartridge from Cricut Craft Room, this cartridge will be added to your Gypsy the next time you connect it to Cricut Sync. For new images, you may need to wait for a Hello Thursday update in order for it to appear on your Gypsy. If you have ever had your Gypsy replaced for warranty or if you own more than one Gypsy, you may want to contact Cricut Support to make sure that the cartridge is shared with the correct Gypsy.

Linking Cartridges
Cartridge Linking is a new feature available in Cricut Craft Room. When you link a cartridge, the images on that cartridge will be unlocked in your account. You will no longer have to physically plug that cartridge into your machine to cut from Craft Room. Your Cricut machine may require a firmware update in order to access cartridge linking.

A cartridge can only be linked to one account. You DO NOT have to link a cartridge if you do not desire. You can click "Continue" to cut your project without linking the cartridge. If you do not link your cartridges, you will be prompted every time you cut to insert your cartridge.

If you do link a cartridge to your account, you will still be able to cut with the cartridge outside of Cricut Craft Room if you insert the physical cartridge—similar to a cartridge after it has been linked to a Gypsy.

Minimum firmware requirements:
Imagine: 117
Expression 2: 43
Expression/Cake: v2.43
Create/Cake Mini: v1.61
Personal Cutter: v1.40

To link a cartridge to your account, follow these steps:

1) Log in to Cricut Craft Room with your account.
2) Create a project, click Cut and select your device.
3) View the Preview screen and adjust settings if desired. Click Cut again
4) Insert the cartridge into your Cricut machine as Craft Room prompts.
5) When the cartridge is detected, click Link Cartridge.
6) Read the End User License Agreement and click I Accept, Link Cartridge. Craft Room will then link your cartridge to your account.

Next time you use your Craft Room account to cut images from that cartridge, you will notice a green "link" in the Cartridges Used list. You will now be able to cut images from the linked cartridge without physically plugging it into your Cricut!

Bookmarking Cartridges
When you Bookmark a cartridge or image set, those images will be added to the Bookmarks filter. You can then use the Bookmarks filter to view those images.

When you bookmark a cartridge, IT IS NOT AUTOMATICALLY LINKED TO YOUR ACCOUNT so that you can cut without the physical cartridge. To link a cartridge, follow the instructions for Cartridge Linking.

Make sure you have the latest software and firmware updates
Please make sure that you have installed the latest Cricut Craft Room update and latest firmware associated with your Cricut machine for the best design experience.

Cricut Craft Room: 103 (build or version)

Latest machine firmware:
Imagine: 0117
Expression 2: 0056
Expression/Cake: v2.43
Create/Cake Mini: v1.61
Personal Cutter: v1.40
Cricut Mini: 21

Updating the Original Cricut Personal Cutter to v1.40 firmware
Some of the oldest Original Cricut Personal Cutters simply do not have the internal componentry to communicate with the latest technology in Cricut Craft Room. You can still use these machines to cut with Cricut Craft Room, you just can't use these older machines to link cartridges to your Cricut Craft Room account. We are diligently working on possible solutions, but if your Original Cricut Personal Cutter will not update to v1.40 FW, you will not be able to link your cartridges using that machine.

Some Imagine users may experience some problems with Cricut Craft Room cutting with Cricut Imagine machines. We are working on resolving these problems as quickly as possible. Please check back for update